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So.....Who Should Replace Locklear at RT?.....

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    Originally posted by Cool Papa B. View Post
    David Deihl

    James Brewer

    Selfish Capers

    Mat McCants

    Stacey Andrews

    Someone outside of the organization?
    It has already been decided it will be Diehl
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      yup...Locklear was the backup playing because DD had the shoulder thing going on.
      why would they replace the starting RT just because the backup went down.

      DD will start.......much to everyone's chagrin.
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        Originally posted by Rat_bastich View Post
        I think DD should just turn around on every play and sack Eli himself. Eli would probably take a lot less brutal hit each time.
        LOL LOL.....

        I looked around to see if there was anyone the Giants could pick up from waivers, but there was no one there that stood out IMO. Looks like we're stuck with what we have unless Reese pull a rabbit out of the hat.