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Giants Must Play Smart, Return To Basics In Order To Stop Annual Slide

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  • Giants Must Play Smart, Return To Basics In Order To Stop Annual Slide

    Excerpt: "Not everyone can handle rollercoasters and extreme rides. Some thrive on the thrills. The reactions to the journey of New YorkFootball Giantsí annual/seasonal rides arenít for the faint of heart, thatís for sure.

    Those that have been following this team for longer than the tenure of the collection of the four Lombardi trophies know that this current team is still the one of the best and most exciting that has been built. Itís justÖdifferent.

    Itís been written before that the NFL is ever-changing: personnel, uniforms, equipment, speed, and schemes. To expect what the team was about even a handful of years ago isnít realistic all of the time.

    While the Giantsí defense is still predicated on the pass rush, it isnít only about that (or stats). Sacks and quarterback hits are awesome to the rabid defensive-minded fan; itís fantasy to expect them every game/ facing every league quarterback, as it is to expect to blitz every one too.

    The Giantsí offense has been built (properly) around QB Eli Manning. While this side of the ball has always been centered on the ground and pound, #10 has brought a new ďairĒ to Big Blue not really dominant since the Jim Fassel/Sean Payton/Kerry Collins era. We all know how that ended. Things are more cerebral now as well as much more complicated.Speaking of Payton, Sundayís New Orleans Saints will be without him, but his system is still in place in New Orleans and his time with blue is still with him in experience handed down to his players." Read more...
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