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  • Interesting tid bits

    Giants ran quite a few snaps early in the game without cruz - they ran one set with randle and hixon no nicks or cruz (was interesting to see).

    Hynoski got another carry - little 5 yard draw and the fans loved it - feed the hynoceros.

    While Aikman isn't sure yet about Prince if you are watching the games it is clear he has become our best cover corner and he can make plays near the line too - hopefully that hammy is ok.

    If a ball is on the ground or picked odds are 86 percent that stevie wilson comes up with the ball - i used to think it was 1 in 22 - i am wrong. Brown is to footballs as sonic the hedgehog was to rings with the coin magnet upgrade (90's reference)

    Will hill is gonna be a very nice safety/ nickel - what a block on jernigans run.

    Jwill and Will hill are a force against the premiere te's - they have the GOAT coming up this week.

    Justin Tryon came inches away from a block in the back on Wilsons td return.

    Oh hello jernal jernigan - nice to meet you.

    Why is barden blocking downfield on a pass - three years in those mistakes can't happen.

    Hixon takes back punt duties and looked pretty good.

    Bennett is the best TE we have had since Shockey hands down. For all the ballard and boss lovers - the best year either guy put up was 41 balls and 38 respectively - bennett passed those numbers weeks ago.

    I believe t2 was on the sidelines on the bench next to wilson - maybe for reunion day - nice to see blue give him some love.

    Herzlich may not be our MLB but he played a nice game on specials.

    The stats may not be there for JPP but make no mistake the guy is an absolute monster even rushing through 2 lineman and always moves the pile into the q's face.

    LInval and Canty are gonna have to get big against atlanta - we were soft up the gut this week and last.

    Always and forever GO BLUE.
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    Nice update, thanks....