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  • Concerns

    I am happy that the Giants are in first place in the division.
    However i have alot of concerns.
    Maybe i am being nit picky? Maybe I have higher expectations? Not perfection tthough.

    I am concerned about the inconsistency.
    The Giants have played a tough schedule this year and I am proud that they beat the 49ers at SF, and other very good teams.
    However they are inconsistent. All year, they play up or down to the level of competition, or at least it appears that way.

    Nit Picky:
    Eli threw 4 TDs and 2 picks. He was good but not great against the Saints. When he threw the pic 6 i was feeling concerned. I was feeling, Oh know, we need a good game. We cant give them easy points or good field psn.
    He almost threw another pick in the end zone when he threw the ball to Cruz but we got away with that one. TE Bennet was wide open but sometimes you dont see it quick enough in real time.

    Barden took another costly penalty but it didnt hurt us in this game like it did against the Eagles. I know he thought it was a run play nd he was blocking but it is what it is.

    What i am really concerned about is:
    1) Poor Tackling

    2) Players are still out of psn too frequently, 2ndary players are still getting beat on long pass plays down the field.
    The Saints were down by 22 points then boom they're down by 8. The JJ kickoff return changed the game!!! That was huge.

    Giants gave up almost 500 yards to the Saints!!!
    3) The defense cannot stop the run effectively on a consistent basis, week in week out.
    DLine is not getting QB pressure on a consistent basis.

    4) Why is it that the DC for the Redskins can make adjustments to attempt to confuse Eli, causing him to take a timeout or changing the play?
    Why cant the Giants take advantage of our personnel to mix things up to cause havoc for QBs? Make it difficult to read who is blitzing, who is in coverage, etc. If things look obvious to me, imagine the opponents knowledge of what to expect.

    I still dont like Perry Fewell. I think if we had a better DC the Giants defense could be better. I dont like his style of defense.

    5) We missed 2 field goals in 2 weeks. Last week may have cost us a victory against the Redskins. The FG attempt against the Saints was a chip shot, but it was rainy and cold so I guess there is a good reason?

    I liked:
    We had good field psn and the other team didn't
    Special teams stepped up big time.
    Eli did spread the ball to everyone.
    A win is a win!!! We did enough of what we had to do to win.

    I want:
    Wilson to stop doin back flips. If he gets hurt, it will be because of stupidity!!
    I would like to see JJ, Randle, and Barden split time with Hixon. They all bring something diffferent rotating as the #3 WR and/or #4WR package.
    Oh wait, i never have seen our 4WR package?
    I would like to see a dump off pass, swing pass to Wilson.
    Consider no huddle offense to prevent defenses from making substitutions and get them tired.

    Team Needs (Future):
    1) Draft another cover CB (to complement Webster, Prince, and Hosley) Next year i expect them to be better as 2 of them are learning. Webster has been beaten to frequently this year and i hope he can respond to the challenge).
    2) Draft a DT that is a run stuffer to complement Joseph and Canty (Disappointed with Marvin Austin so far)
    3) Draft a MLB
    4) Draft an OLB with speed (Helps to optimize flexibility with Kiwi rotation play at DE, with JPP, Tuck, and next year Ojomo = newOsi)
    5) OL To my surprse they have been good. As they go so does our offense!!!)

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