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    Caliph Santiago has been pestering me with emails and phone calls to buy season tickets. Now my philosophy may be wrong to you, or right, I really don't care, just listen to my reasoning. Caliph works selling Giants season tickets and we spoke on the phone twice over the past year or two, about the "wonderful opportunities" to be a season ticket holder. I declined, and for what I think are very good reasons. NOW, no offense to season ticket holders as I would love to have them, but here's my reasoning. Same reason I don't have a life membership to the NRA: if the organization I have committed to fails to represent me or differs from my philosophy, I am somewhat stuck in that I've blown my wad, or at least may not like having to sell to recoup my investment. I told Caliph that I wasn't comfortable, for the exhorbitant prices, committing to an organization that shows it can't be at least consistent and play with heart. I asked him what would happen if they were to just plain suck. He said "we know that won't happen." Really? I am a blue bleeding fan for sure, but I would rather just bend over and pay through the nose through StubHub once or twice or three times per year to see the games I really want to see and choose to support the OWNERS when I feel like it. Trust me, if I'm not there, I'm at home in my jersey rooting them on, always watch the games and rarely, if ever, turn it off (until yesterday). If I go, I enjoy it more than the folks who are thinking "Holy Crap, I paid all this money and this team is laying down." Kind of the same reason I don't own a vacation home. Why? Spend $750,000 on a second home on the beach, pay taxes, try to rent it out, maintain it, and hopefully get there for two weeks a year. OR, just write a check for $8,000 and rent a gorgeous home on a secluded beach and truly relax. This is my philosophy, and by not buying season tickets I think it keeps the owners honest. I know I don't matter much as an individual, but that's the way the wind blows up here. Also, the NYC market is irrational. This team and it's owners wouldn't last a month of Sundays in a smaller market.
    Just when I don't think it can get any worse, I think of you Ray. I have been to the abyss....thank you for helping me stay positive.