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The final two

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  • The final two

    Suppose that the Redskins, Cowboys, and Giants all lose this weekend...not saying it's going to happen, just saying suppose they did. How do we see the last two games shaping up?

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    3 game season becomes a 2 game season. Week 17 is a double-edged sword for us, Boys vs. Skins. Good for us in that both teams won't be able to win out the last 2 weeks. Bad for us in that both teams won't be able to lose out the last 2 weeks.


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      Should of, could of, would of....the only good thing is we know either the Skins or the Boys fall at least once. Other issue is injuries, does Bryant and RGIII injuries take them out of contention, There is a good possibility. Does RGIII's knee make him more one dimensional, and without Bryant do the Cowboys have enough fire power. I think the last three weeks will be extremely interesting....