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Easy schedule for Falcons?

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  • Easy schedule for Falcons?

    Atlanta Falcons are next for our boys. At 11-2, they sit atop of the NFC.
    Parcells always said a team is as good as their record. I agree, only with regard to making the playoffs, or not making them.
    Let’s look at their schedule, shall we? ONE win over a top 10 team in the power rankings. Denver. That was in week 2, when Peyton was still molding them into the team they are today.
    They beat the ‘Skins and the ‘Boys (Thank you). Those are the ONLY Other teams other than the Broncs with a winning record on their schedule. And they are only above .500 by a game, both at 7-6.
    That means if the season were done now, the Broncos would be the only opponent they had that make the playoffs.
    If you remove the Broncs from their stats, (‘cause let’s face it, the Broncs today are a very different team than they were in week 2) the average ranking of the Falcons opponents is 22. The ‘Skins and ‘Boys are the only two in the top 18!!! The Falcons other 10 opponents, two of which they lost to, are ranked 19 and higher.
    You want to talk easy schedule?
    The easiest schedule you can have, if the three worst teams in the league were in your division, and you played against the next 10 worst teams out of your div., the average ranking of your opponents would be 26 and change.
    That said, in the NFL, confidence plays a huge part in the outcome e of a game. An 11-2 team would be confident.
    NOW, let’s hope our boys show the Football world how good they aren’t.

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    That may be true. But they will be at home. Playing for revenge. We are what we are. And stats mean nothing on Sundays.


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      Schedule isn't exactly grueling like ours but there is something to be said about a team that always finds a way to win close games and they've done that in multiple ways this season. I would of pegged our game with them as their "reality check" before the playoffs but it seems the Panthers have already done that last Sunday. Do we catch a slumping team or one that has woke up from their huge loss to Carolina?


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        It's going to be a very tough game for the Giants to win.

        However....Eli is great indoors, and the Giants have the skill players to excel on a fast surface.

        I'm looking forward to watching Wilson, Cruz, and JPP, among others.
        "I like linebackers. I collect 'em. You can't have too many good ones." - Bill Parcells

        "Name the starting linebackers from 2007." - Jerry Reese


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          take nothing for granted.....the Giants lost to Cincy they can lose to any team.....or win.
          "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
          You couldn't be more full of **** if you were break dancing in a Port-a-Potty.......Kruunch