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This Could be Wilson's Time To Shine

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  • This Could be Wilson's Time To Shine

    Excerpt: "David Wilson's emergence couldn't have come at a better time for the Giants, because they might need him to carry a bigger than expected load down the stretch.

    How much bigger depends on Ahmad Bradshaw's left knee, which was injured in the first half of the Giants' 52-27 win over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. Bradshaw returned to the game, but Wilson took over the feature back in the offense. And on Monday, Bradshaw was undergoing an MRI and other tests to determine if there was any significant damage.

    "Anytime you're talking about a knee and you're going through a series of tests, you're better off to wait and see what the results are," Coughlin said on Monday. "I wouldn't speculate on anything right now."

    Bradshaw played 38 of the Giants' 69 offensive snaps on Sunday and rushed 11 times for 33 yards. After the game, Coughlin said he expected Bradshaw would be "sore". He also said Bradshaw could have continued playing, if necessary. On Monday, though, Coughlin backed off when asked if that statement indicated the injury was minor.

    If Bradshaw can't go, the Giants will turn to Wilson if necessary after his breakthrough performance on Sunday. He was in for 21 plays and rushed 13 times for 100 yards. Coughlin also praised him for his pass blocking, saying he picked up a key safety blitz.

    "The timing is great for David to come to the front," Coughlin said. "And he'll hopefully provide us with that spark we need right now to go along with the rest of our players to give us an added playmaker that people are going to have to — flat out have to — defend." Read more...
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    This Could be Wilson's Time To Shine
    Not will Wilson only Shine...............He will Run Like a " Shooting Star "

    Never underestimate Wilson, He has proven himself !