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With the lack of sacks and consistent pressure you would think..

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  • With the lack of sacks and consistent pressure you would think..

    We would be able to stop the run better. If your not going all out and pinning your ears back to get QB then shouldnt we expect to stop run ?.

    Seriously did our guys get old over night ? all of them ?

    Tuck I hate to say this every week but is terrible, he gets pushed around by TE's and is simply not getting it done. Rarely does he make a play and you always see him walk around with his head down shaking. The body language shows it all. Very un inspiring leader.

    You know ppl get after Cam for putting his towel on his head. Well the same thing could be said about Tuck, watch his body language after a play and you will see what I am talking about. What happened to the run D I figured it would be better with Canty back.

    So in a nutshell we cant stop the run and arent getting sacks or much pressure.

    On the bright side I do like Prince and think he is turning into a very good corner. He tackles well and offers good run support. I dont think people have talked to much of how good he has been for us. bright future for him.
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    Tuck has very quickly gone from one of my favorites to one of my least favorites. The guy looks like he takes off 50% of the plays and his body language su/cks.


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      Not even involved in plays. he is always getting washed away and or on the sidelines. Man how you can play for a 60 minute game and not make 1 play, a tackle a loss a deflection something. i think he had 1 pressure all game.

      Man can I have that job, get paid millions to sulk and put my head down and drive the oline only 1 time a game.


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        the d-line has been off the front page all season! initially i thought they were saving themselves for the 2nd half stretch but the inconsistency hasnt changed much!

        maybe Matty Ice will provide some incentive for these guys! they need to get going if we are to repeat.