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Been very impressed w/Cruz this year

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  • Been very impressed w/Cruz this year

    I felt that last year could have been a fluke with all of the long catch & runs, and he was mostly a #3 behind a great (Nicks) and very good (Manningham). But this year he has mostly been a #1, with a good #2 (80% Nicks) and no established 3. Teams have game planned around him, particularly denying him the long ball, but he's made a huge transition into a possession type receiver, and is #10 in receptions and #11 in yards. I've seen many receivers flail when making that transition, but he has stood tall. Very impressed.

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    Love Cruz, but he needs to work on the drops. Not saying he is expected to catch everything, but hes dropped more than a few this season that were in his hands already and popped out.

    That aside, he's a gem.


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      Over 1000 yards and almost the same amount of receptions as last year and still has three games to go.

      Bobbles aside (he's always struggled with running before the catch) he's almost mirrored last year.
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        The guy is for real. If he would just stop turning his head before securing the ball he would be easily top 5 best in league. Behind Megatron, Fitz, Nicks and Green and probably imho Vincent Jackson ( extremely underrated, look at Rivers without him )


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          Cruz is legit and what a find by the Giants. He is probably the 2nd best if not the best slot receiver in the league. It's amazing that he is doing this with almost double coverage on every single play. Just imagine how many more yards and TD's he would have if he didn't drop some passes. I hope they pay the guy what he deserves. He came out this year and didn't complain about a new contract and has put up another thousand yard season. Very impressed with Cruz. He will be that much more deadlier when Nicks returns to form.
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            Cruz needs to work on his drops. If he can square that away, he's all-pro material.

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