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So, is Randle in the dog house now?

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    Originally posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    More likely TC not wanting to risk any muffs in the next three games. Hixon is more reliable and gains more yards per return
    Yeah but the very next week he did field punts and didn't muff any of them.


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      Hey, u gotta produce.. Theres rookies on every team playing major minutes, and if ur gonna play as a rookie, u gotta earn it and show u belong.. Randle has had his ups and downs this yr, and even getting called out by Victor Cruz at one point, and hopefully he'll learn, u shoulden't need players on ur team to motivate u wk in and wk out.. It don't take much for a young guy to find himself in the doghouse on this team, when playing a offensive skilled positon..

      Look at David Wilson, he went behind a journey man, injury prone, former 4th rder for wks and wks, before Brown got hurt, which opened up another oppurtunity for Wilson 2 show himself.. When ur a skilled positon player on the GIANTS< u better come to play wk in and wk out and not F up to often, because u will find urself on the bench...


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        Mario Manningham didn't make much of an impression in his first season, but things worked out pretty well there. Patience grasshopper.

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          Didn't Toomer have like 1 catch his rookie season?


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            Originally posted by Buddy333 View Post
            Yeah but the very next week he did field punts and didn't muff any of them.
            They have been working with Hixon on returns since his ankle injury. This is clearly not a case of pushing Randle off the ledge, he's the future. But we don't see what goes on in practices and Hixon has always been a very dependable returner. Remember, it was Hixon's record Wilson just broke. Randle muffed two punts that didn't cost us anything. If I'm TC, I could easily see myself wanting to hedge my bets for what he sees as the most important three game series of the season.

            According to TC, Hixon is getting about two more yards per return than Randle and he is sure handed.
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