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Osi: When NYG At Their Best, Nobody Better

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    Originally posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
    I'm starting to get the opinion that the senior guys on defense - like Tuck and Osi - sandbag it a little in games they know they don't need to win. And then, when they get backed up (e.g., Green Bay, Saints), they fire up.

    Again, I could be totally wrong.....but in Osi's case especially, I think so. Look at last year, for example.....when they really needed him, it was "Classic Osi". But in the "throwaway" games, he was the invisible man.
    sandbagging may be a bit harsh. But they do seem to come up big when it really matters the most. Like they are conserving their energy. Gets annoying....
    "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
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      Originally posted by Buddy333 View Post
      Ok Osi so when is it owing to happen? Now would be a great time for Tuck and Osi o start sacking the QB again and not like the one Osi had in garbage time.
      Im tired of people ragging Osi and Tuck, and calling their sacks "luck" or "in garbage time". Osi was consistantly double and even once I saw a triple team on him. Tuck gets bumped a ton from a TE or RB. Are they in their primes? No. But they are still providing us with a threat, even if they dont get to the QB, they give the opportunity for someone else to.

      I see them coming on strong again down the stretch. Wish we could see more Tracy though to see what we have in the future with him.