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  • Playoff matchups

    I was thinking for fun it might be cool if the NFL entertained cross league matchups.


    12 teams make it as usual but the only difference once the playoffs start, you get ranked in the NFL not just the NFC or AFC.

    Then you can have match ups like GB vs Bengals, Giants vs Houston, Denver vs 49 ers etc etc.

    I know this would be hard to do with seeding based on head to head matchups and divisional record but it could be done. As they could rank after regular season is over and then set matchups like 6 th seed in NFC plays 4th Seed in AFC and all the best records in conferences would get the usual bye.

    It was only a thought and probably never happen, but I think it would be kind of cool and interesting.

    Any thoughts.

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      that would eliminate the need for divisions or conferences......
      and playoffs would not be necessary.......#1 seed is the champ.
      like your bowling league.....or Nascar.
      due to the fact that I am from the Woodstock generation ...
      my opinions may be chemically enhanced and influenced by severe episodes of memory loss


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        Hard to seed when you can't compare teams by schedule.


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          I like your idea but I think it would take away from the who's best from the NFC and AFC, duking it out on national television. What would happen if 2 AFC or 2 NFC teams won it out and went to the superbowl against eachother?!


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            Too much change, too quick right now. I wish the league would back off a little. Eventually we are going to look back and hate what the game has turned in to. We all still watch now but I think it will catch up to the league eventually and itll be too late and fans will be dropping like flies.


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              It was just for fun. I know it wouldnt happen. But stranger things have and will happen like taking away kick off returns permanently ! Imagine that ? I bet you cant. But supposedly it is being tabled or discussed.