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  • FALCONS Matchup Stats

    As of 12/14/12 Giants Falcons
    Record 8-5 11-2
    Opponents going to playoffs(currently) 3 0
    Games won by at least a seven point victory 6 5
    Opponents Combined Record 71-73 57-87
    Opponents Combined Games Under .500 2 30
    Record against Playoff Teams (Current Standings) 2-1 none played
    Opponents OVER .500 8 3
    Opponents UNDER .500 5 10
    Strength of Schedule Ranking 1st 24th
    pts/game 28.7 25.9
    yds/game 372.9 376.2
    def pts/game 20.8 19.9
    def yds/game 376.2 361.9

    Offensive and defensive production are about equal the difference being the giants are doing it against much tougher opposition.

    This should answer the questions as to why the falcons seem so strong in the regular season and then cant win a playoff game!

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    All the stats are for opponents so far btw, not including these last 3 games.


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      Nice, thanks for posting but wouldn't the Broncos be a playoff team that ATL has faced, even if Peyton was clearly rusty.
      "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."