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Giants' Justin Tuck Prefers To "Get Down" In NASCAR Pass Rush Package

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  • Giants' Justin Tuck Prefers To "Get Down" In NASCAR Pass Rush Package

    Excerpt: "Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell made an interesting admission this week, when he said he had not put the Giants defensive line “in the best position” to get sacks against the Saints.

    Fewell explained that was not the main focus of the Giants’ strategy, and it’s hard to argue with the results of a 52-27 win. Still, it seemed like a departure from a tenet of the Giants defense in recent years.

    “Yeah, I guess so,” defensive end Justin Tuck said. “I guess you’d have to ask Coach Fewell about that.”

    The Giants’ sack numbers are down a bit. They have 31 through 13 games, tied for 12th in the league. Asked if it was a strange feeling to take the field with a game plan that doesn’t set up sacks, Tuck said, “What do you think?”But Tuck added, “We won the football game. So that’s all that matters.”

    The Giants still affected Saints quarterback Drew Brees, pressuring him on about half of his 44 dropbacks, based on an unofficial review of the game. They aimed to keep his feet hot and move his launch point.

    But Tuck said not scheming for sacks can be frustrating for the pass rushers, who along with quarterback Eli Manning have been the signature component of the Giants’ past two Super Bowl runs.

    “Like I said earlier, at times it is (frustrating), and at times it’s great,” Tuck said. “That’s with any other call.” Read more...
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    I hate that package. I'd rather they keep canty and/or Joseph in and tell them to collapse the pocket.


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      It's bascially using the team's top 4 pass rushers all at once, which most teams don't have the OL personnel to stop that on a consistent basis. That package has been effective in the playoffs-superbowl runs and it should be saved just for that. The team should not over-use this "ace in the hole" for the regular season games because of the wear and tear and injury risks involved with a 16-game season.