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Headlines for week starting Dec 10th

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  • Headlines for week starting Dec 10th

    RGIII hurt
    RGIII at practice
    RGIII slight injury
    RGIII Injury may not be slight
    RGIII may play Sunday
    RGIII may not be ready for Sunday
    RGIII greatest rookie ever (Hmmm so was Panther's QB last year)
    RGIII has Redskins racing toward SB
    RGIII place leading Skins to playoffs
    RGIII is god? Really? gods get hurt?
    RGIII Pro Bowler and Hall of Fame guaranteed
    Not Reported - RGIII will have a worn out broken body early in his career, (as Vick does now) but coaches will have winning record, ah the invincibility of youth

    Dez's finger a concern
    DEZ "i'LL PLAY"
    Dez may not ply due to sore finger
    Not Reported - Dez giving us the finger

    Wilson who?
    Eli - Giants - lucky to beat Saints? ( I guess by only 25 points) won't repeat against tougher oponents
    Hey let's talk about Dallas pushing Giants and poised to take the division - or Andy Reid's Eagles

    Giants need to play these last 3 games "snot-dripping" tough