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Giants' General Manager Jerry Reese, Man Of Many Hats

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  • Giants' General Manager Jerry Reese, Man Of Many Hats

    Excerpt: "
    While there’s a temporary lull in the bashing of New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese and how he does what he does, he is continuing to ensure that this team remains a contender for the long haul.

    The NFL is in Week 15 and slowly but surely, playoff brackets are taking shape. Many teams don’t have the shot that Big Blue has before them as they remain “on the outside, looking in.” Reese’s vision -along with his approach (since 2007)- is to keep the franchise he manages on the inside track. This includes more than just sitting back and watching his players go out and execute or scouting for replacements of injured/IR’d players.

    Every off season, teams are met with decisions on the hows and who’s to keep in their uniform. Solid organizations work on this all year long. Planning is crucial, as are player contracts and backups. While most of the world is focused on this week’s games and possible playoffs scenarios, Jerry Reese is behind the scenes preparing to maintain blue continuity for the future.

    Rewind to this past March when the gates were unlocked for free agency and the impending NFL Draft. You remember – when many teams made their annual splashes and grabbed the biggest-named players from the available skill positions list? This was also the time when many novices (or so it seemed) spoke out about retaining certain Giants players and how there wasn’t a sound backup plan in place.

    This organization isn’t brand new. They don’t approach things all willy-nilly. There’s a constant process that goes into what’s already established here. Waiting until the worst possible moment to admit there’s a problem with your team puts said team in the precarious position of constant under-achieving. Contingency plans and consistency are what Reese is all about 24/7." Read more...
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