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Tomorrows game potentially the last difficult opponent?

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  • Tomorrows game potentially the last difficult opponent?

    If Baltimore wins tomorrow, they will clinch a playoff birth. ESPN ticker reported Lewis is resting tomorrow so he can get 1 more last week of rest. Suggs is also hurt, but will play if need be. Here's the rub; if they win tomorrow and clinch, I'd bet anything they will rest a ton of their guys. Ngata is also hurt. Reed too. We'd basiclly be playing their JV defense.
    Then, we all know whats going on with Philly. Foles is starting, Jackson has been put on IR, they released Babin, and also have guys out/under performing. For all intents and purposes, that Philly team is really their JV team imo.

    If we can get a W tomorrow, the final 2 games should be against teams with much weaker gameday rosters...of course knowing us that means we play down to that low level but I doubt that we'd lose to either of them if they're resting a bunch of their players.

    GO ALL OUT TOMORROW! it is a playoff game. And pray Baltimore wins, and Wash./Dallas lose

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    Depends on which Giants team shows up any game can be either easy or difficult.


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      Even though the Eagles are done, I still think they are a huge problem. They hate us, we hate them and Andy Reid is auditioning for his next team. Reid has to show that he has not given up yet and still able to manage even in difficult times. Plus, you also have players auditioning for their next team who will no doubtedly be following Reid out the door. That may be the most difficult game left, especially if the Giants have claimed a playoff spot by then.


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        I wouldn't count any team out, Ravens are solid and if they put it together it could be a long afternoon!


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          Giants can make any opponent look difficult just as they can make some contenders look like a JV team. Any given Sunday.