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Ernie Acorsi Please Save Us!

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  • Ernie Acorsi Please Save Us!

    Please come out of retirement, and save this team. U drafted solid guys and got us good free agents...u always brought alot of talent to this team even tho u had some sorry coaches here during your time here. Jerry Reese seems to anger all our star players out of New York, put us into debt, free agent busts, and taking to long to get rid of the busts he drafted or signed. Acorsi meant business....when Lavar Arrington turned out to be a bust, he got rid of him. He brought in middle linebackers like Mike Barrow and Antonio Pierce. Now we cant even find a linebacker, he got defensive ends playing it and a child beater playing a linebacker. Thanks alot Reese.

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    Re: Ernie Acorsi Please Save Us!

    So EA could have prevented TT, Prince, Johnson, Whitherspoon, Coe, Tyron, Goff, Tuck, Sintim, and Austin all from getting injured?

    Reese assembled a good team but the injury bug hit them hard. I can't believe how I hear the experts saying how bad the Rams have had it this year with injuries but the Giants just are a bad team.

    You put half of those injured guys back on the te healthy and we are looking at a different team.