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    Embarrassing losses like this are the reasons for change, if people are concerned. Make no mistake about it, this team needs many things and if we continue to deny it, it will not change. This team is playing on yesterdays press clippings, not too much changed in this regard. The Offense, defense, ST's, and coaching all need help. This team never makes adjustments and if ownershuip isn't aware of that they should hire someone to tell them the truth and be more concerned with making money than fielding a professional football team that can at least compete! I still believe its a fundamental issue about philosophy and scheme that beat us. On defense the bend don't break is shown to beat a losing scheme. Ask rod rust and everyone after him, till steve spagnolo got here. The offense still has a non creative OC that does nothing to help these players. Don't think I'm laying it all on the staffd, I'm not but it all starts up front. Without being led with a plan that the players believe in, you're led by nothing. Good luck on Dallas losing and than beating the skins. Otherwise see ya next year