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1 flag changed everything

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  • 1 flag changed everything

    not an excuse, but shows how close this league is. IF, that late 3rd and 10 conversion to Martellus at Washington isn't called back with the hold. (and I know you could say this about a lot of games and teams, but this is our team), I think Eli takes us down for the winning FG and we're 3 up on Wash and 2 up on Dall after that game.

    Doesn't mean they still win the division, or would've played like they gave a damn today. (Knowing this team, they probably would've then lost to the Saints, and then won at Atlanta.)

    Just pointing out how one critical call, or failed execution can change the complexion for 1-3 teams, like that call/failed execution did for the giants, skins and boys.

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    The Giants didnt show up for work today....thats the excuse.


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      Season is not over. Time to move on and get ready for Baltimore.


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        excuse! stop it

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