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A young fans take on the situation

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  • A young fans take on the situation

    I would like to address Kevin Gilbride.
    Half of us want him gone, half of us think we are blowing things out of proportion. I For one believe he should be gone...but not now.

    Firing him now would not be good for the offense, you cannot insert a new offense midway through the season. But for those of you who want him to stay, why? In my observations of watching the NFL closely for the last few years is that the dominant NFL offenses are the ones that are able to regularly use a five-wide set and mix it up with screens.

    Gilbride is very predictable. Obviously if you watch a team every week you should be able to make an educated guess on what they are going to call, but it is painfully obvious. I think everyone needs to consider the tools the guy has. When this offense is successful it is because the roster is so talented. We have a top 3 General Manager who puts this team in a position to win games. Our offense has 2 fatal flaws though. First is that our offensive line is bad running the ball, and on top of that Bradshaw is NOT a good back. I think Wilson has a lot of potential but right now the best back on our roster is easily Andre Brown. The other flaw is that Lawrence Tynes is absolutely awful. He has the worst range in the league.

    On the defensive side the Giants showed me during the 2010 season that if you have a very good defensive line and a very good secondary then you can hide the lack of linebackers to a degree. Our LB core needs work but I think the secondary needs one more corner. Corey Webster was pretty much a shutdown corner during the last two seasons, this year I feel he has taken a big step back. Encouragingly Prince I feel has improved drastically. I've seen some good and some bad from Hosely. I've been extremely impressed with Stevie Brown.

    All in all, don't worry about this loss too much. Giants do this pretty much every year I've been watching them. Ravens are slumping pretty hard as well and we should be able to beat them on the way to winning out. I think we do need to make some changes during the offseason but I trust whatever Jerry has planned.