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Shot at the Playoffs Motivating Redskins and Cowboys

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  • Shot at the Playoffs Motivating Redskins and Cowboys

    It does look like these two teams are playing with momentum and enough motivation. Last week they've come from behind. This week Redskins won without RG3 and the Cowboys came from behind again. The only question is how far they can sustain this momentum. I definitely hope one of them suffers a heartbreak and it will surely be a heartbreak considering how hard they've been playing these last few weeks. We have no choice, I believe we have to win our last two games. Worst case scenario is if one of them goes 10-6 and another one goes 9-7 and we also go 9-7, we will be the one left out if 9-7 will be good enough for the playoffs. I hope the team recognizes they need to turn the switch ON now! They let these two teams hang around and now they look seriously motivated and dangerous to our chances!