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Why are they NOT using HYNOSKI??

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  • Why are they NOT using HYNOSKI??

    Your down to your 3rd running back and obviously a complete lack of blocking ability. Why wouldnt we use hynoski on at least 30 plays a game. If not just to give eli a little time. Also, in almost every game i can remember with Hyno in the game the Giants moving the chains and breaking huge runs. This kid is a Pro bowl Full back and he's not even being used. aside from last week we have used him minimally and look at the result. Im not understanding what our coaching staff is thinking!!!

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    Being down 34-0 will do that dont you think?


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      Yes, but we didnt even make an attempt early on. We were down 14, but it was only 1st quarter. We seem to abandon our game plan and jump ship. And even at 34-0 we need him in there to pick up the blitz..