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Three Man Rush and other issues I have with this team

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  • Three Man Rush and other issues I have with this team

    HOW is this still getting called??? I swear every time it's 3rd and 9+ and that gets called it is converted more often than not. I cannot believe Coughlin still allows Fewell to call this garbage. The secondary is NOT the strength of this defense, its pass rush and D-line is however. So having Tolly at DT (what a joke) and only Tuck and JPP on the field then having Joseph/Canty on the sideline while dropping Kiwi into coverage is simply idiotic!!! Three aganst 5 or 6 blockers is just not going to get it done 9 times out of 10 especially with this zone scheme that is never executed properly.

    I know I'm preaching to the choir here, just needed to vent a bit on this subject. I mean it literally NEVER works!! This coaching staff has GOT to go. All of them, I'm serious. It's time for a change. We have the talent to compete in this league, and it is not being utilized properly whatsoever. We also are good enough to not have to go through a transition year with a new staff. With a full offseason and the talent we have this team with the right staff could be dominant. I mean look what Harbaugh has done in SF. We especially need a D-coordinator who has a sack and some common football knowledge. I mean I'm 22 years old and never even played football I feel like I could call a better game than Fewell. At least I'd utilize the strength of the defense rather than leaving half of it on the damn sideline.

    Again I know I'm preaching to the choir, this team just drives me freakin nuts. Not all of the blame on be on the staff of course, but there are flaws everywhere. NO passion whatsoever, defensive players completely confused all the way up until the snap, the mistakes being made are just ridiculous.

    Oh and to anyone who thinks Prince is already a bust like some posts I've seen, you have no brains. He's played 4 games after having a broken foot and having zero offseason. I'm not sticking up for his play because it has not been good, but it doesn't mean he's a bad pick. He's a rookie. You all probably thought Jpp was a bust when he didn't have a sack til late in the year last season.

    K done ranting haha

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    Re: Three Man Rush and other issues I have with this team

    Agreed 100%. And Reese is not a good GM.