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Leave Tuck and Osi Alone and Blame Yourselves

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  • Leave Tuck and Osi Alone and Blame Yourselves

    You guys overrated them. Look, a lot of you need to give props the Spags. Forget about how he didn't have success with the Rams cause I will say this, if a HC doesn't have the right staff, he is not going to have success unless he can teach them, and some football programs do take some time. Not all of them are going to have success immediately and you all should know this.

    Osi and Tuck rarely get at the qb cause our DC hardly blitz. I seen posts about our dbs are not able to handle one on one when the Giants blitz. Oh come on with that mess cause the Giants dbs can't even cover when they are running a basic defense so the DC needs to call more of them. The defense had too many men in covered. Oh and the real blitz slip is when you come with more defenders than the O-line can block not your description of a blitz. You have five main blockers and you run a 43 and rush more than the 4, that is a real blitz. Our DC hardly call them and needs to add more to them to his basic plays for our D-line to get busy.

    Oh and props to you Buddy333, You were right about our offense and I was wrong wrong wrong. Cry