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  • On To The Ravens

    I'm still fuming over this loss but like the rest of the team, they need to move on an concentrate on Baltimore. I think the difference in this game is whether or not our D-Line will actually show up and play this game. Flacco is horrible when he gets rattled or is under pressure and we have the talent to do it...question is do they have the drive?

    Tuck hasn't shown up this year so its JPPs time to step up and become the leader of this D-line. We need to unleash wilson on the outside as their run D is horrible with a lot of bradshaw up the middle (hope he plays). This will set up eli and the recievers nicely on their horrible secondary.

    Again, I think the key to this game is the defensive front. They are the ones that helped our crappy DBs last season and if they don't get it together, it will be another long Sunday for us Giants fans. If they can get to Flacco, we win this game. Period.

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    Blackburn needs to be named defensive captain...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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      For sure, hes the only one I trust on that D. He has always been one of my favorite players...even when he was 2nd string back in the day I always wondered why he wasn't put in there.


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        Tuck played well against the Steelers and 49ers. But two games out of 14 is nothing to speak about. I'm concerned about this game, the Ravens fired their OC and they will stick to the run through thick and thin against us. If we can't stop the run the Giants will be in a world of hurt on the defensive side of the ball. Torrey Smith is a burner on the outside, the Ravens like to throw the deep ball atleast 3-5 times to him every game. Boldin is a solid receiver as well as Ray Rice out of the back field.

        The Giants have to make a point to stop the run, make Flacco beat you with his arm.

        Giants fan since the early 80s


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          this means we need to get out to a lead...take rice out of the game.....scoring points tho is apparently hard to do as of late...