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From the Georgia dome

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  • From the Georgia dome

    Actually went to this game.
    About a dozen of us made the trip from Alabama.

    By far the worst performance I've seen live.
    Not just out played,.. but dominated, in all facets of the game.
    They were definately up for this and we were not.

    Made the trip to see our beloved Giants play and well... just didn't get to. They did not show up.

    I've seen the Giants before in the Ga. dome but this place was unbelievable yesterday.
    Their fans had their house rockin from beginning to end. It was loud as hell especially on 3d/4th down when we had the ball.
    Impressed by how they were behind their team.
    Good sports all, much respect to their fans... not treated bad despite rockin our giants colors.
    A lot of giants fans seen on the way in and many choruses of "LETS GO GIANTS" HERE WE GO GIANTS" No trouble just good natured barbs going back and forth.

    I hope to see them again in the playoffs with a much more favorable outcome IE: a Giants W.

    hope our next 2 games against bird teams go better.

    Also really want to get the division so we can get some revenger next year