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News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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  • News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Tuesday, December 18, 2012



    Giants Waive Terrence Frederick, Re-sign Selvish Capers

    "The Giants announce that they've waived defensive back Terrence Frederick and re-signed offensive lineman Selvish Capers. Frederick had been added to the roster off the practice squad before the Atlanta game, when the Giants were down three defensive backs: Prince Amukamara, Kenny Phillips and Tyler Sash. It's possible today's roster move means the some of the injured DBs will be available this week."

    Ravens' Joe Flacco: "It Feels Like We're 0 - 14 Right Now"

    Excerpt: "The Ravens are 9-5 and almost assured a playoff berth with two games to go in a top-heavy AFC. But after a 9-2 start, they've lost three in a row and their stranglehold on the division is no more. The Bengals are just one game behind and face them in the season finale, in what could be a game for the AFC North title and, consequently, a home playoff game.

    So while they won't be as desperate as the Giants, who would make a trip to the playoffs unlikely with a loss, the Ravens have plenty to play for Sunday in Baltimore.

    The Ravens' plunge continued Sunday when Peyton Manning and the Broncos traveled east to extend their nine-game win streak with a 34-17 rout of the Ravens. They could've clinched the AFC North each of the last two weeks. Instead, they've kept the Bengals in the race.

    “We’re a 9-5 football team, and it feels like we’re 0-14 right now," quarterback Joe Flacco said, via the team's official website. "But that’s just the feeling that you have right after a game like this.”

    Flacco's inconsistent season continued. He was 20-of-40 for 254 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. Most of the production, including the two touchdowns, came when the game was out of hand – the Ravens were down 31-3 into the fourth quarter.

    Like some Giants players were saying after getting blown out in Atlanta, safety Ed Reed was "embarrassed" with his team's play." Read more...


    Giants Have A Simple Solution To Complex NFL Playoff Scenario

    Excerpt: "By the time Tom Coughlin found his seat on the team charter home from Atlanta, he had been given hope for the Giants’ season.

    That’s when the Giants coach was told that, despite the demoralizing 34-0 shutout at the hands of the Falcons that afternoon, his team still controlled its own playoffs destiny.

    Coughlin admitted he questioned the news. After all, his 8-6 Giants had just ceded their control in the NFC East and slipped to ninth place in the conference standings. By the time he finally told his players at yesterday morning’s team meeting, he had made certain that winning their final two games, against the Ravens and Eagles, will guarantee the Giants at least a wild-card bid to the postseason.

    “Hope is the word,” Coughlin said yesterday. “Hope is a nice word.”

    It’s actually possible for the Giants to clinch a playoff bid this week, according to, if one of two scenarios falls into place: the Giants beat the Ravens, the Redskins (at Eagles) lose or tie, and the Cowboys (vs. Saints), Vikings (at Texans) and Bears (at Cardinals) each lose. Or, the Giants win, the Redskins, Vikings and Bears lose, and the Saints tie." Read more...

    Giants' Andre Brown Vows To Be Ready For The Super Bowl

    Excerpt: "No one is cheering harder for the Giants right now than Andre Brown.

    That is because the only way the 26-year-old running back gets on the field again this season is if the Giants reach the Super Bowl.

    "I told them, and I’m wearing this shirt (a Super Bowl XLVI sweatshirt) trying to get there," said Brown, who broke his fibula against the Packers in Week 11. "I told them that if they get me there I’ll take care of the rest. I’m going to run like a bat out of hell. Just get me there, guys. I’m hungry. I want it. That’s why I’m working so hard to get back out there."

    Brown said he underwent surgery three weeks ago and recovery time for the injury is four to five weeks. The bone was fractured, and therefore displaced, so surgery was necessary to realign the bone. Brown's leg isn't in a cast and he doesn't need crutches.

    "I have to increase my Vitamin D intake," Brown said. "I wasn't a big milk drinker. So that’s what they told me I have to do." Read more...

    Tom Coughlin Learned Giants Control Own Destiny On Team Plane Home

    Excerpt: "Surprised by the news the Giants still control their own playoff destiny, despite the 34-0 loss to the Falcons that knocked them out of the driver's seat in the NFC East?

    So was Tom Coughlin.

    The Giants coach said he received the news "about the time I sat down on the plane" home from Atlanta Sunday evening.

    "We have people that follow that very closely," Coughlin said. "Before I got to my seat, I was told that. I actually questioned it, because six are in front of us at this point in time, so I questioned it and was very, very careful not to say anything to anyone until I was absolutely sure of what the situation was."

    The Giants are actually technically in ninth place right now in the NFC, because of a complicated tie-breaking procedure in which ties are broken first between division foes, but that positioning doesn't really matter. What matters is that if the Giants win their final two games, they will make the postseason, at least as a Wild-Card team.

    Coughlin did not share the news with his players until today, though many had caught wind of it last night." Read more...

    Giants' Ahmad Bradshaw Confident He'll Return Sunday Against Ravens

    Excerpt: "Ahmad Bradshaw's toughness is not questioned. He's played through broken and bruised feet, including this season after suffering a foot injury in Week 6. He missed just one game with a neck injury earlier in the season. His toughness has been validated.

    So it should come at no surprise that Bradshaw declared that he expects to play Sunday afternoon against the Ravens in what is essentially a playoff game for the Giants. He sat out yesterday against the Falcons after spraining his knee last week against the Saints and though knee sprains can sideline a player for weeks depending on what exactly is sprained -- ask Kenny Phillips and Jacquian Williams -- Bradshaw is confident he'll be on the field in Baltimore.

    "I’ve done this one before," said Bradshaw, who wouldn't specify which ligament in his left knee is sprained. "It’s healing a lot quicker than expected. Like I said, my plan is to be out there Sunday."

    His head coach wasn't as certain.

    "You know what, I'm not sure of that yet," Tom Coughlin said when asked if Bradshaw's could realistically play Sunday. "Medically I don’t have that kind of feedback yet." Read more...



    Myers: Now's The Time For Eli To Mann Up

    Excerpt: "It’s the wrong time of the year for the Giants to be suffering from an identity crisis, but with two must-win games remaining, the Super Bowl champs still have no idea who they are.

    One week they score 52 points, their most since 1986, and beat the Saints by 25. The next week they get shut out for the first time since 1996 and lose by 34 to the Falcons, just 11 months after beating them by 22 in the playoffs.

    When they look in the mirror, it’s scary because they don’t know who will be looking back.

    If the good Eli shows up Sunday in Baltimore, the Giants will beat the reeling Ravens. But if the bad Eli makes another appearance, the Giants will be crying in their crabcakes on the train ride home. Teams are a reflection of their quarterback, none more than the Giants, and Eli Manning has alternated between elite and ugly and so have the Giants.

    As inept as the Giants were in Atlanta, the players received a positive update in their team meeting Monday when Tom Coughlin broke the news that he had been given by a staff member — Coughlin was so incredulous he even questioned it — on the flight home Sunday night. If the Giants beat the Ravens and Eagles in their last two games, they clinch a spot in January with a chance to defend their title.

    What did that do for Coughlin’s spirits?

    “Hope is the word,” he said. “Hope is a nice word.”

    That’s good enough for Manning. He has a history of taking the Giants from a low seed —No. 5 in 2007 and No. 4 last season — and taking them all the way to the Canyon of Heroes.

    “If you say at the beginning of the season, hey, you have two games left and you got to win both of them to be in the playoffs, I think you take it,” Manning said. “This is an opportunity you ask for. These are the circumstances you want to be in. Could there be better circumstances? Yeah, sure, there could always be better. There could be much worse. We like our chances. We know what we need to do. It’s right in front of us. We got to go out and win the game this week.”

    There’s even a scenario where the Giants can clinch a wild-card spot this week if they win in Baltimore and about half of the NFC loses. But they can also be eliminated from the playoffs if they lose, the Cowboys and Redskins win and the Seahawks win or tie. And of course, they can still win the NFC East." Read more...

    Giants' Playoff Scenarios For Week 16

    Excerpt: "The Giants control their own playoff destiny, and that’s all that really matters. If they win their last two games they will be in the playoffs, at the very least as an NFC wild-card team.

    If they lose one of the games … well, that’s where it gets a little complicated. In fact, with a loss on Sunday they not only could lose their chance at the NFC East title, they could also lose any shot they have at a playoff berth at all. They could be knocked out entirely by the end of the weekend, or they could clinch a playoff berth.

    Here, courtesy of the NFL, are all the possibilities the Giants are facing as they head to Baltimore on Sunday afternoon …" Read more...

    Brown Exhorts Team To Get Back To The Super Bowl

    Excerpt: "Andre Brown didn’t give a big speech. But for a few moments on Monday morning, in the aftermath of that embarrassing shutout loss to the Atlanta Falcons, the Giants’ injured tailback made one thing clear.

    Brown wants to play again this season. And in order for that to happen, the Giants must advance to the Super Bowl, something Brown told his mates while wearing a Super Bowl XLVI sweatshirt.

    “I was just like, ‘hey, I want to f****** play’,” Brown said. “’That’s it. Get me there, and I’ll take care of the rest. Ya’ll got to fight for me’

    “They (my teammates) just took it and went with it.”

    Brown, who fractured his fibula late in last months’ blowout win over Green Bay, is currently on short-term injured reserve. He must spend 10 weeks there, but he will be eligible to come off I.R. the week before the Super Bowl." Read more...

    Bradshaw: "I Am Planning On Going This Week"

    Excerpt: "Ahmad Bradshaw watched his Giants get mauled by the Falcons. And he doesn't plan to let that happen again.

    The Giants starting running back, who sat out Sunday's game with a sprained knee, said he plans to play against the Ravens in Baltimore. Coach Tom Coughlin wasn't as optimistic, but Bradshaw indicated that he's going to play. "I'm planning on going this week yeah," Bradshaw said.

    "I've done this one before. It's healing a lot quicker than expected. Like I said, my plan is to be out there Sunday." Read more...



    "Win And In" Scenario Keeps Giants Going After Rough Loss

    Excerpt: "Just before sitting down in the middle section of the charter flight back from Atlanta, Tom Coughlin was approached by Jon Berger, the Giants’ senior director of football information. Earlier, Coughlin’s wildly inconsistent team had been pulverized by the Falcons 34-0 and the loss separated the Giants from controlling their destiny as far as winning the NFC East.

    Berger informed Coughlin that, despite the loss, the Giants still were in the driver’s seat as far as making the playoffs via the wild card route. Win their final two games — at Baltimore this Sunday, home against the Eagles in the regular-season finale — and the Giants are assured of no worse than an NFC wild-card berth.

    “I actually questioned it because the six [teams] are in front of us, at this point in time, so I questioned it,’’ Coughlin said yesterday, “and was very, very careful not to say anything to anyone until I was absolutely sure of what the situation was.’’

    The news was presented by Coughlin during a morning team meeting to players he described as “kind of sullen.’’ The Giants in no way resembled a team that had any business thinking of the playoffs, getting shut out by the Falcons and getting run and passed over by the Falcons. They knew that desultory loss ripped away their control of the NFC East, meaning they needed help to capture the division once again." Read more...

    Giants' Coach Coughlin Keeps Focus On The Positive

    Excerpt: "Coaches are programmed to be optimists. No matter how dire a situation might be, their nature is to focus on the positives that can be gained, not the negatives that have transpired.

    Tom Coughlin did that in part yesterday, pointing out to his Giants that despite their dreadful 34-0 loss at Atlanta Sunday, making the playoffs remained in their grasp with victories over the Ravens and Eagles.

    “If we win two games, we’re going to be in the playoffs,” the Giants coach said, repeating a statement his players had echoed around the locker room minutes earlier.

    Yet, it sounded more like wishful thinking than a battle cry. Maybe that changes tomorrow after the shock of Sunday’s stunning loss wears off. But yesterday Coughlin admitted he was puzzled by his team’s inconsistency over the last five games where they’ve lost to the Bengals, Redskins and Falcons while blowing out the Packers and Saints.

    “It’s baffling to me in a way that we are not transferring from the practice field to the game field,” Coughlin said.

    Despite good practices last week, the Giants were embarrassed in Atlanta, suffering their first regular-season shutout in 16 years.

    “Game day is not looking the same [as practice] and that’s a concern,” Coughlin said." Read more...

    Bradshaw Planning To Rejoin Giants

    Excerpt: "How did it look from your vantage point?

    That’s what some of the Giants asked Ahmad Bradshaw, who watched from home as the Giants were hammered 34-0 in Atlanta. Bradshaw missed the trip because of a sprained left knee and didn’t like what he saw flashing across his television.

    “I’ve been asked that question by a lot of the guys,’’ Bradshaw said. “You know, just a couple pieces missing, just a couple things we couldn’t finish. I just would’ve liked to have been there. A lot of things would have been different.’’

    Different? The Giants lost by 34 points and didn’t score a single one?

    “A lot of things would have been different,’’ Bradshaw insisted.

    No one knows if that’s true or not. Bradshaw is determined to make his absence a one-week deal, even though there are no indications from the Giants that their starting running back will be ready to return for Sunday’s game in Baltimore. Coach Tom Coughlin said he has been given no medical update to suggest Bradshaw will be available, but Bradshaw is offering his own prognosis.

    “I’m planning on going this week,’’ he said.

    Bradshaw said last week he planned on playing when there was no chance he would make it for the game. He always says he is going to play. He said he has experienced a similar sprain to the same knee and “it’s healing a lot quicker than expected and my plan is to be out there Sunday.’’ Read more...

    Giants Can Be Eliminated On Sunday

    Excerpt: "The Giants may control their own playoff destiny, but if they lose this Sunday in Baltimore they could be eliminated from the playoffs.

    According to, the Giants playoff hopes will be dashed if they lose AND the Redskins beat the Eagles, the Cowboys defeat the Saints and the Seahawks win at home over the Niners.

    The Giants can also actually wrap up a playoff berth this Sunday if they win in Baltimore AND the Redskins lose or tie, the Cowboys lose, Vikings lose at Houston and Chicago loses at Arizona. There is another far-fetched scenario in which the Giants win, the Redskins lose, the Saints tie the Cowboys and the Vikings and Bears lose.

    The Giants still could win the NFC East if they win their final two games, but will be eliminated from that this Sunday under these scenarios:" Read more...
    Giants' Season Finale Moved To 4:25 P.M.

    Excerpt: "The Giants’ season finale, against the Eagles at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Dec. 30, has been flexed from a 1 p.m. start to 4:25 p.m.

    The league still has the option to move the game to the Sunday night slot." Read more...


    Temple Gives Giants' Rhule His Shot

    Excerpt: "From Joe Paterno to Tom Coughlin, Matt Rhule has been mentored by some of the winningest coaches in football. Now, Rhule gets a chance to apply all of it at Temple.

    Rhule, 37, who will leave his post as assistant offensive line coach with the Super Bowl-champion Giants to take over the Owls, was formally introduced Monday on campus, after agreeing to a contract over the weekend. He has 15 seasons of coaching experience, and is a former linebacker at Penn State.

    He will replace Steve Addazio, who left Temple earlier this month to take the same post at Boston College. Addazio was with the Owls for just two years.

    "We had a diverse and talented pool of candidates and an overwhelming amount of interest, but one person distinguished himself from the rest — Matt Rhule," Temple athletic director Bill Bradshaw said. "Matt is the perfect person to take Temple Football to the next level."

    The Owls are coming off a 4-7 season, in which they went 2-5 in the Big East.

    Rhule is the third coach at Temple in the last four years, joining Addazio and Al Golden, who left for Miami. It is Rhule’s second stint at Temple, after serving as an assistant for both of those previous coaches.

    "One of the emphases in my mind is really watch a kid play and how he develops," Rhule said. "Give kids an opportunity to develop." Read more...

    Giant Have Every Reason To Worry

    Excerpt: "Chase Blackburn brought a dose of football reality Monday to the circumstances facing the Giants with the quest to repeat as Super Bowl champions completely dependent on the two games remaining in their regular season.

    The Giants talked about being confident in their postseason chances because they have been here before, yet again harkening back to the pressurized run from last season in which Big Blue performed at its best when the stakes were high and the odds were low.

    On the heels of the worst shutout defeat for a defending Super Bowl champion in NFL history, the Giants promise to learn from a humbling lesson and seize the moment.

    There’s one question that lingered in the locker room Monday, and because they still control their fate to reach the postseason, this pretty much went unanswered save for Blackburn’s honest appraisal of the situation he and his teammates find themselves in:

    What if the Giants don’t bounce back from this?

    What if two weeks from now the lament is not only from letting a once-comfortable lead in the NFC East completely slip away, but a spot in the playoffs all together?

    Blackburn revealed that’s part of the message being delivered behind closed doors.

    "We better be worried. They’re lying to you if they’re saying we’re not, or else they’re not competitive," Blackburn said, in reference to the Giants’ collective mood when they arrived at the team facility to assess everything that went wrong in Sunday’s 34-0 loss to the Falcons. "That’s my opinion. We better be worried. That worry is what drives players to be good, that fear. … We’ve had some talks. Obviously, we had our [players-only] debriefing [Monday] on our breakdowns and a lot of things were addressed.

    "You’ve got to be worried because, if we play another game like that, we’ll be out of the playoffs before you know it and the last game won’t mean anything."

    As Chris Canty promised Monday: "No big speeches," just the truth." Read more...

    Giants' Report Card

    Excerpt: "Running game: D

    Rookie David Wilson (12 carries, 55 yards) showed flashes of being able to step up and fill the shoes of the injured Ahmad Bradshaw. He ran hard and broke off a 25-yard run early. But because the Giants fell behind, he became less of a factor as the game went on. Bradshaw's absence was noticeable in the Giants' short yardage struggles, especially on a pair of failed fourth-down conversions that turned the game in Atlanta's favor. The line was overpowered for much of the afternoon, and although Eli Manning was sacked just once, he was under constant duress.Passing game: D

    For the first time in his career, Manning (13-of-25, 161 yards) and his offense were shut out in the regular season. He threw an interception on his first pass of the game intended for Hakeem Nicks and was victimized by another later in the first half. Those miscues resulted in 10 points for the Falcons.

    Run defense: F

    The biggest Achilles' heel for this team is its inability to stop the run. Michael Turner – who has struggled to accumulate yardage all season – and the Falcons drove the football down the Giants' throat during a collective 129-yard effort on the ground. The Giants also missed 18 tackles, an unacceptable number considering – as Antrel Rolle has suggested several times this season – tackling is "all about will." Read more...



    Eli Manning's Inconsistency At Root Of Giants' Woes

    Excerpt: "It was just after 6 p.m. Sunday, and Coach Tom Coughlin — like most everyone else on the Giants’ charter flight from Atlanta — was despondent. He had just watched his team be blasted by the Atlanta Falcons, 34-0, and was under the impression that in addition to losing the game, his players had also lost full control of their postseason fate.

    As Coughlin settled into his seat, however, a team staff member came by to give him some surprising news. Despite the fact that the Giants, technically, dropped to ninth place in the N.F.C. with their defeat, the team still has a clear path to the playoffs: if the Giants win their final two games, the staff member said, they are guaranteed at least a wild-card berth.

    Coughlin was dubious. “I actually questioned it,” he said Monday, unsure how the Giants could have so many teams in front of them and still have such an opportunity. But once he confirmed that it was true — essentially, two victories assured the Giants of having a better conference record than Minnesota and Chicago if all three finish 10-6 — his mood brightened.

    On Monday, when he addressed the team, his message was one of hope.

    “Hope is a nice word,” he said. “You have a circumstance which is obviously dismal and extremely disappointing, and you put your heart and soul into it; it’s a heavy burden. When you create the scenario of hope, it hopefully is going to be an uplifting thing.”

    Several players echoed Coughlin’s overarching theme, and everyone spoke of needing to find the consistency that has proved elusive for much of the season. What went unsaid — or, at least, unsaid in the company of reporters — was that ultimately, the play of quarterback Eli Manning would probably determine whether the Giants pulled off another late-season surge or stumbled to a disappointing finish." Read more...





    RB Kregg Lumpkin Adjusts To Backfield

    Excerpt: "Since signing three weeks ago, Kregg Lumpkin has spent most of his time in the classroom, learning the offense and how to keep his newest teammate Eli Manning upright.

    While dressing for the first two games of his Giants career, the running back’s biggest test came Sunday in Atlanta.

    The depth at the position was called upon when Ahmad Bradshaw was ruled out with a knee injury, David Wilson slating to make his first career start. The rookie quickly piled up 47 yards on six carries in the first quarter, but then the Giants turned to Lumpkin after Manning’s second interception.

    On their next possession, Lumpkin rushed five times for 40 yards, including a career-long 22-yarder that brought the Giants into Atlanta territory.

    “You’ve got to try to persuade the defense to go one way so you can go the other way and just read off the offensive linemen,” Lumpkin said Monday. “And just go from there.”

    From there, however, the drive stalled on the Giants’ first of three unsuccessful fourth-down conversions – a run by Wilson for no gain. Later on, in the third quarter, Lumpkin was targeted on fourth-and-2 from Atlanta’s 25, but Manning’s pass was knocked down at the line of scrimmage.

    “The coaches call the plays, so we as the offense, as players, we’ve got to out there and make plays,” Lumpkin said. “You’ve got to execute them, and we fell short.”

    Lumpkin, who lost a fumble on the Giants last offensive possession of the game, finished with nine carries for 42 yards (4.7 average). The Giants had 97 collectively, snapping their streak of consecutive games with at least 100 rushing yards at four.

    Meanwhile, Bradshaw, who did not travel with the team to Atlanta, offered any advice to his teammates based on what he saw on TV.

    “I’ve been asked that question by a lot of the guys,” Bradshaw said. “Just a couple of pieces missing and just a couple of things we couldn’t finish. I just would’ve liked to be in there."


    Head Coach Tom Coughlin - 12/17/2012

    Head Coach Tom Coughlin meets the media a day after the team's loss in Atlanta

    Coach Tom Coughlin: Good afternoon. What we talked about with the team today was the fact that although it was an extremely disappointing loss, we are not going to hide from the facts; I did give them the exact facts, the statistics as they occurred throughout the game, the circumstances that evolved and was point-blank with them about that.

    The thing that I wanted them to understand is that although some of my good friends last night mentioned that they didn’t think that destiny was in our hands, it is in our hands. If we win two games, we’re going to be in the playoffs. That’s what we have to focus on.

    Unfortunately, we’ve had bad games in the past. We have used the theme of consistency, I pounded away on that on Saturday night and obviously that didn’t work. Consistency two-fold: one, in terms of our execution and our performance, but the second thing is, the passion and so-on and so-forth that we bring to each and every game knowing the circumstances. Our team does know the circumstances very well.

    We knew the quality of the football team we were going up against. We knew that they had won 10 in a row at home, that they were an exceptional team that has played very, very well this year and stumbled the week before. (The Falcons) certainly were using the playoff game from January 8th as a form of motivation for their own team, wanting to be well-prepared -- even though they’re in the playoffs -- for the playoffs when the playoffs came. All of those things were discussed.

    To be honest with you, the first half was not bad. I contributed to that as well. We missed the first field goal. I was upset about that and disappointed. When it was 17-0, I felt we needed some form to give us a little jump start. Something good to happen, something to be excited about and felt we could convert on the fourth-and-one’s. We didn’t. That particular thing backfired as well. I thought we should’ve, but we didn’t. That’s what we were trying to accomplish there.

    In reality, we could’ve gone into the half 17-9, rather than 17-0. That would not have changed the second half. We talked in the locker room about going out, kicking the ball off, stopping them or getting a turnover; doing something to jumpstart us from that respect. They drove it and scored. The thing that I wanted to do was give them the idea that our backs were against the wall. It is a playoff situation for us, if you will. We now have to win to have the opportunity to go into the playoffs. We’ve responded to that in the past. We’re going to have to respond to that again.

    Q: How do you clean up the early turnovers in these past few games?
    A: You look at it. You see exactly what happened and what took place and you talk about how and why would we go ahead and throw that. You can kind of see that Samuel was going to jump the receiver. He was in front of it. It wasn’t a great finish to the route. Unfortunately, we kind of felt like there was a little pressure there and he had to get rid of the ball. Certainly Eli (Manning) would tell you, ‘I would’ve liked to throw that ball away.’ It didn’t happen and so that was one issue. The other issue was the ball was just a little bit behind. It was not the exact timing that you would like on the play. There was a little something to that. It was an outstanding interception by a very good safety. We knew that going in as well. How do you do it? You do it just like any other way in which you coach, you explain it to the player, you show him exactly what the circumstance is, you tell him why it occurred, how it should not have occurred and point out the fact that these are the things…two games in a row we’ve spotted people. We gave New Orleans a touchdown early on the other night. We gave Atlanta a touchdown. These things can’t happen. You can’t do that in games of this nature, which are against very good football teams that are extremely close. We preach, preach, preach and we turn around and turn it over three times and don’t get any yesterday. From four the week before to zero and from 52 points to zero. I mean, I think there’s a pretty good argument for consistency.

    Q: What was the difference in the kick returns between the last two weeks?
    A: In fact, David (Wilson) shouldn’t have brought the first one out. You’re playing inside. You’re well aware of what’s going to happen. They’ve got a number of touchbacks and we were aware of that as well. The ball is kicked eight or nine yards deep, you have to have almost a 30-yard return to get it to the 20-yard line. I think even though that occurred on the first one, if we blocked it a little better, we had a chance. We had another chance later on in which we missed a block so the execution of that part of it didn’t start out as well as we would’ve liked it either. In fact, the first one, the off-returner really should have held him in.

    Q: How soon after the game did you find out that the playoffs were still in your control?
    A: By the time I sat down on the plane.

    Q: Did you figure it out or did someone give you the scenarios?
    A: We have people that follow that very closely and before I got to my seat, I was told that. I actually questioned it because the six are in front of us, at this point in time. I questioned it and was very, very careful not to say anything to anyone until I was absolutely sure of what the situation was.

    Q: Does that give you a little spark after that loss?
    A: Well, ‘hope.’ ‘Hope’ is the word. ‘Hope’ is a nice word. If you have that, and you have a circumstance which is obviously dismal and extremely disappointing, and when you put your heart and soul in it, it’s a heavy burden. When you create the scenario of hope, it hopefully is going to be an uplifting thing that when we do come back on Wednesday that we realize where we are there’s a little bounce in our step and we get back to work.

    Q: How has your team been so successful in these situations in the past and what can they use from those experiences this time around?
    A: We can draw on the experience. We did a year ago, six times in a row. That’s kind of what we have to do here. If we’re going to have an opportunity to get into the playoffs at all, we’ve got to win the next two games. (It’s) sort of the way it was a year ago.

    Q: Is there a reason why that team was able to do it that you can quantify?
    A: I can speculate, but you can, too. Their backs are against the wall. They don’t have any choice. If what we really want is right there for us, there’s only one way to get it. It’s not by playing like we did yesterday.

    Q: Did you share the “hope” with any of the players last night when you found out that you were still in control?
    A: No.

    Q: Not till today?
    A: Today.

    Q: Can the fear of not making the playoffs be used as a motivator to this team?
    A: Whatever it takes. Whatever, you know? We want to be there. That’s where it all started out. You can’t accomplish what you want to…every team in the league starts out, they want one goal. You can’t even have that goal till you get in the playoffs. You spend your whole time, for us, it’s win the division. That is something that really is not in our control, but being in the playoffs is.

    Q: Is there any reason you haven’t been able to pressure the opposing quarterbacks recently?
    A: The reasons basically are: we’re being well pass-protected. We’re not getting, and when we do get the one-on-one, we don’t seem to be able to get there. The rhythm of the throw is gone. The ball is off. Should that be the case consistently? No, of course not. We should have more pressure on the quarterback, but it has not happened for us and so we continue to strive for it to happen.

    Q: Does it matter whether you’re a division champ or a wildcard…you’ve won a Super Bowl from both:
    A: Getting in is the important thing, but you like to be playing your best football when you get in. We have to go some to get to accomplish that.

    Q: Is it likely to see Ahmad Bradshaw this week?
    A: You know what, I’m not sure of that yet. I, medically, do not have that kind of feedback yet.

    Q: Any update on Chris Snee’s hip?
    A: Not yet. I don’t know that we’ll get anything. It’s being treated; being looked at…the doctors are in control of that. Hopefully, he’ll feel much better tomorrow and then we’ll know that if there’s progress, then we can think that if progress continues, we would have a chance.

    Q: Why does the problem with missed tackles keep resurfacing? Is it frustrating at this time of year?
    A: It’s frustrating anytime. Defensively and special teams, that’s what you have to do. Yesterday, we made a specific point about it because of Michael Turner’s history and the quality of back that he is, but not only that, the size of the receivers and the power and speed in which they play. You had to swarm the ball and get them down right away without allowing them to have a chance to get going. Of course, Tony Gonzalez just keeps on going.

    Q: What went wrong on the short-yardage plays?
    A: The first short-yardage run, I think we had a chance; a couple things had to happen. We had to combo-block and get off and we didn’t get up on the mike-backer. We didn’t really clean the hole out and so it was congested. He just never had a real chance of any kind of day light to squeeze through. The other two were passes and the one, there wasn’t real good separation and I don’t know that there was pressure to throw it, but it was thrown. That was an incompletion. Later on, we were trying to go in the right spot, but the ball was tipped.

    Q: Do you have to guard against players thinking they can just turn the switch on and off?
    A: I don’t know that that would be the first priority that I would think to try to squash any thoughts like that. I would like them to think that at this time of the year, we can take our ability and the experience that we’ve had and share it with the young guys and have a good week of practice and have it carry over to the game on Sunday. It’s baffling to me in a way, to be honest with you, that we are not transferring from the practice field to the game field what I see in practice. Practices last week, Thursday was very good, Friday was good, not great, but good. Game day is not looking the same. That’s a concern for me.

    Q: Did any of the players seem surprised with the situation, still being alive?
    A: No.

    Q: They were pretty much aware?
    A: I think they’re aware. They have a lot of information, as you all know, at their access. They were kind of sullen this morning.

    Q: Are you surprised at Eli Manning’s inconsistencies this season?
    A: It kind of goes along with what I’ve been saying. We’ve tried like heck to talk about ascending and not having that very good game, then that not-so-good game and then a very good game. Evidently, we haven’t got that message across. Now there’s no way it can’t be. We’re going to have to all play at the top of our game just to be able to get in.

    Q: Is Eli about as good as a “back against the wall” guy as there is?
    A: Yes.

    Q: What is it about him?
    A: Competitive nature. Competitive greatness. Focus. The steely-eyed focus of his, if you will.

    GIANTS 101

    Giants' Kenny Phillips Says He Will Play Against The Ravens

    Excerpt: "It's all hands on deck this weekend for the New York Giants. Given the gravity of the situation, it looks like the Giants will be pulling out all the stops on the road against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Yesterday, we received word that Ahmad Bradshaw plans on playing. Today, it was Kenny Phillipswho said he would be on the field in Week 16.

    A win, and the Giants have a chance to clinch a playoff berth next weekend at home against a lowly Philadelphia Eagles team. A loss, and Big Blue is in serious jeopardy of eliminating themselves from postseason contention. The Giants understand that there is no wiggle room left for any more uninspired performances. There are no more excuses at this point of the season. Phillips understands this, and that's why he says that fans should expect him on the field this Sunday.
    "Yeah…the situation we in right now, it's now or never."

    Giants' Tom Couglin "Baffled" Strong Practices Aren't Transating To Strong Performances

    Excerpt: "
    Earlier this season, New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was admittedly unhappy with several practices. He called his team out after what he deemed "bad practices" leading up to an opening week loss against theDallas Cowboys. Since then, things have turned around and the coach is quite pleased with what he sees on the practice field. However, as the Giants continue their rollercoaster season, he finds himself baffled that quality practices aren't turning into quality performances on gameday.

    "It’s baffling to me in a way, to be honest with you, that we are not transferring from the practice field to the game field what I see in practice. Practices last week, Thursday was very good, Friday was good, not great, but good. Game day is not looking the same. That’s a concern for me," Coughlin said.

    So, with the team prepared, practicing well and allegedly motivated, what is it that's going wrong? That answer eludes not only us, but Coughlin and the other coaches as well.

    "I would like them to think that at this time of the year, we can take our ability and the experience that we’ve had and share it with the young guys and have a good week of practice and have it carry over to the game on Sunday," Coughlin said." Read more...


    Giants' Jayron Hosley Targeted Early And Often By Falcon's QB Matt Ryan

    Excerpt: "
    New York Giants rookie cornerback Jayron Hosley made his first NFL start in Sunday's giant debacle, and might as well have had a bullseye on his back. It became pretty clear early on that it was part of the Atlanta Falcons' gameplan to look for whichever receiver Hosley was covering, and that's exactly what they did. Hosley was plain outmatched by the Falcons' large framed receivers all game.

    Hosley admits he made several mistakes during the game, such as using a certain technique when he should've used another. For example, on one playJulio Jones ran a go route, getting behind Hosley, resulting in a forty yard touchdown reception.
    "He just got behind me," Hosley said. "I could have played outside leverage more. He's a fast receiver who builds up his speed. I should have kept outside leverage, and he just made a big play."

    The rookie admitted to another mistake on a screen and go route which appeared to be the same play the Falcons ran earlier. His mistake allowed for a 37-yard gain for Harry Douglas.
    "They had run a screen before that, and they ran it again and I played a little too aggressive on it," Hosley said. "The guy that had blocked me before [Douglas] got behind me."

    Hosley accounted for half the defense's pass deflections, of course that's not saying much when you're the player Matt Ryan is targeting most. The team had only two total pass breakups out of 28 Ryan passes. Matt Ryan finished 23 of 28 with 270 yards.



    New York Giants: "Better With Our Backs Against The Wall" Winner Is Ahmad Bradshaw

    Excerpt: "Well, that didn't take long. Earlier today I wrote that we would hear a lot of talk this week from the New York Giants "about pride, about being better when they are backed into a corner, about still controlling their own destiny, about needing to give a better effort than they gave on Sunday."

    Well, running back Ahmad Bradshaw didn't disappoint. Bradshaw delivered the money quote Monday in the very first interview transcript to be posted on, one that I'm sure will be available to Big Blue View in its entirety a bit later."

    Just right now we’re inconsistent and it’s just something we've got to work on. We play better with our backs up against the wall and the playoffs start now," Bradshaw said Monday.

    That is the same tired, predictable refrain we have heard from the Giants every regular season for the past four years now. Yes, things worked out fine and dandy last season.Aren't we tired of hearing it, and watching it, though? And aren't Giants' players tired of saying it, and living it?

    Reality is that Ernie Palladino, writing for WFAN, is absolutely correct when he writes that no Giants' fan should be stunned by what happened Sunday:
    The question Giants fans must ask themselves is this: Is it all that surprising? Anyone who has paid any attention at all to the Tom Coughlin era knows that for all the Vince Lombardi and Super Bowl MVP hardware in the trophy case,the Giants have never been good with prosperity, never done it the easy way. So, is it any real shock that they blew things sky high to Matt Ryan and a squad absolutely nobody will believe in past the divisional playoff round, in a stadium where they have traditionally succeeded?" Read more...



















    Giants Go From "All-In" To "Just Get In"

    Excerpt: "
    It doesn't matter what happened in Atlanta or whether the NFC East is lost.

    For Eli Manning and the New York Giants, all that matters now is what happens in these next two weeks. Beat Baltimore and Philadelphia and the Giants will be able to defend their Super Bowl title in the postseason.

    They don't care about whether they enter the playoffs as division champs or as a wild-card team. "In is in," Manning said. "Whether you are division champs or wild card, it doesn't make a difference."

    "You want to get into the dance," Manning added. "You want to be included because you never know what is going to happen from there."

    From "all in" to "just get in." That should be the Giants' new rallying cry. Because as horrid as they looked on Sunday in Atlanta in a 34-0 pasting, the Giants can go from looking like a team with no pulse to a team that nobody will want to face in the playoffs.

    The Giants are a team that dominated the Niners and Packers and beat the Redskins and Cowboys once each already. And while they were flattened by the Falcons on Sunday, does anybody really doubt that the Giants could go into Atlanta and beat the Falcons in a playoff game knowing full well that they destroyed Atlanta last postseason, 24-2, in the wild-card game?

    The problem has been trying to figure out which Giants team is going to show up on a weekly basis. One week they'll look like the best team in the NFL and the next they'll get smoked in Cincinnati.

    Is this the same Giants team that won the last two games last year to make the playoffs after starting 7-7 and dropping a dismal home loss to the Redskins?

    Or will this be more like 2010, when the Giants never really recovered from their 38-31 loss to Michael Vick and the Eagles and were hammered in Green Bay 45-17, before beating the Redskins in the season finale only to miss the playoffs?

    I still think this group is closer to the one that won it all last season. But that same thinking may be what has the Giants in the current predicament they face. Some in the locker room may think that they can just turn it on when needed -- like now.

    "We can draw on the experience," Tom Coughlin said of winning out. "We did a year ago, six times in a row. That's kind of what we have to do here. If we're going to have an opportunity to get into the playoffs at all, we've got to win the next two games. [It's] sort of the way it was a year ago." Read more...

    Victor Cruz, Giants Play With Heavy Hearts

    Excerpt: "
    said he was saddened by the whole Georgia Dome experience, disappointed that he was held to three catches and 15 yards on a day he wanted to go deep like never before. Cruz was playing for a much larger cause than first place in the NFC East on Sunday, and the box score said he had come up painfully small.

    The box score was a liar. Up in Newtown, Conn., inside the home of the late, great Jack Pinto, the devastated family of the 6-year-old fan who moved Cruz to tears, moved him to turn his uniform into a shrine, understood why the receiver was a big winner in a 34-0 defeat.

    A woman who answered a call to Pinto's home and who identified herself as Jack's grandmother said the boy's parents needed more time and space before talking to a reporter about Friday morning at Sandy Hook Elementary School. But before she excused herself, the boy's grandmother did want to say one thing about the Giant who had spoken with Dean and Tricia Pinto and who had written tributes to their murdered son on his cleats and gloves.

    "What he did was a wonderful, wonderful, incredible thing," Jack's grandmother said, "and we're so blessed that the entire world feels the same way."

    So it really didn't matter that Cruz lost a football game to the Atlanta Falcons, or that the Giants found themselves shut out in a regular-season game for the first time since 1996.

    America is a broken place right now, broken over Sandy Hook, and the country needs simple acts of kindness a lot more than it needs the weekly holiday that is an NFL Sunday.

    All the Giants did their part, carrying the elementary school's initials on their helmets and on Tom Coughlin's cap, and observing a moment of silence in their Saturday team meeting and on the field before Sunday's kickoff. But Cruz became the face of his wounded team, the Giants' unofficial ambassador to Newtown.

    He was Jack Pinto's favorite, and the child's parents told Cruz that Jack would be buried in the jersey he wore while watching the Giants on TV. No. 80 in your program, No. 1 in a lost boy's heart.

    "I told them I was honored," Cruz said. "I couldn't even express to them how great that made me feel, and how big of an honor that is. … No words describe the type of feeling you get when a kid idolizes you so much that they want to, you know, unfortunately, like put him in the casket with your jersey on." Read more...











    NFC East Spin Cycle: Three-Team Race In NFC East

    Excerpt: "What a race we have. The Cowboys and Redskins both won in Week 15, the Giants lost big on the road, and with two weeks to play we have three 8-6 teams atop the division. (Pity the poor Eagles, who likely watched the madness from home on Sunday after their blowout loss on Thursday.) The madness is just beginning.


    What we learned:
    It’s Week 15 and we still have no real idea which Giants team will come to play each week. As a result, the division lead is gone. The Giants went from first place to third, by tiebreakers, after losing 34-0 at Atlanta and watching the Redskins and Cowboys win. Now we know why Tom Coughlin thought the Giants would need to win its final four games to keep the NFC East crown. But Sunday, the Giants had very little pass rush, couldn’t cover Julio Jones and were a combined 4-of-13 on third and fourth downs in an embarrassingly bad loss, even to a team as accomplished as the Falcons.

    What’s in store next:
    The Giants will attempt to pick themselves up in a road game against the Ravens, who clinched a playoff spot in Week 15. They’ll still play hard because the AFC North remains up for grabs and plus, well, they are just not playing that well. It will be the second time this season that an NFL team (the Bengals are the other) has faced Peyton Manning and the Broncos and Eli Manning and the Giants in back-to-back games. The Giants followed up a loss to the Steelers with a loss to the Bengals on the road, so the Ravens cannot be taken lightly.

    What the heck?
    Fifty-two points scored one week, zero the next. How exactly does that happen? Well, it actually happened on defense, believe it or not. The Falcons picked on rookie CB Jayron Hosley in his first start and put the Giants in a 17-0 hole less than 20 minutes into the game. That put the Giants in a pass-first mode and took David Wilson (eight first-half rushes for 46 yards) out of the mix after a promising start. He finished with only 12 carries and one catch. Manning was picked off twice — both times throwing to Hakeem Nicks — and new RB Kregg Lumpkin lost a fumble. Defensively, the Giants never could get that cauterizing turnover or tide-shifting play. So, you can’t blame the fact that the Giants were blanked solely on the offense. The defense didn’t help either." Read more...







    Redskins' OL Black Suspended For Four Games Foe PED Use

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      Thanks Roanoke, seems we have one of these blow outs every year. Lets hope it's out of their system. There are two very winnable games coming up. I will be cheering as usual.

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          thanks Roanoke! lets hope the G-Men take full advantage of their playoff possibilities!
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            Thanks Roanoke, seems we have one of these blow outs every year. Lets hope it's out of their system. There are two very winnable games coming up. I will be cheering as usual. Blue as always, Chaos!!!!!
            If Eli gets it together we should make the playoffs
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                Like what Bradshaw will bring if hopefully he plays and very psyched for Andre Brown. Would love a sceranio where is able to contribute again this season.
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                  Like what Bradshaw will bring if hopefully he plays and very psyched for Andre Brown. Would love a sceranio where is able to contribute again this season.
                  We just need to get in, just play real football for two games.
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                          Hope is the Word.
                          Hope and a little prayer or two lol
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