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  • put in to perspective

    I guess that although we just sufferred a bad defeat and that the fact that this has been a very inconsistent season, we can just put it in perspective and not feel bad right now. We have 2 games to play and if we win them both we are in playoffs. We control our own destiny.

    Whatever anyone says and whatever happens, this has been a very exciting season and there are a lot of other teams out there that wish they were in our shoes right now.

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    i know it sounds crazy, but i think this loss was a good thing based on how this team is constituted. This team goes on 4-6 game win streaks on the reg, thats how we role. then the streak ends, and we go up and down until we eventually go on a hot streak. I think with Baltimore having already clinched a playoff spot, will no be as desperate as we are even tho they lost 3 in a row. Their best wr has a concussion, and they are missing players everywhere. but make no mistake, baltimore is still the caliber team where if we win, TC can turn it into the momentum builder.
    Which would be perfect vs Philly 2nd team @ home. We should be able to reinforce whatever positives we had vs Balt in the win, and start to build other components up. Hopefully we would get Wash or Dallas (if we are a WC team and dont win the division) bc I feel this team owes both them an *** wooping. If we win the division, I'd like to see Seattle or Minnesota travel to us if its one of them. but honestly I could care less, just get in the playoffs. Which, I believe we will. This game vs Baltimore COULD springboard us to a run