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  • Keep your heads up

    Weren't the Giants 7-7 last year at this exact same time? They will start their magical run starting this week most likely. I see you guys getting in the postseason, there is no need to panic. You won the super bowl being 7-7 last year at this time. You can beat Baltimore and the Eagles handidly I think. Atlanta proved us all wrong last week. If you get that last spot you might be coming to Lambeau and playing us. Trust me that is the last thing I want to see is the Giants coming to GB. Hope you go on the road to Washington instead. Best of luck though. Don't get too down. The Pack was 8-6 two years ago and I thought they had no chance to go anywhere either. Look what happened, of course that is the pessimism in me and spoiled nature being a GB fan.

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    Thanks for the UP BEAT words ! The Giants right now have to look deeply into themselves and come up with some motivation, some energy and purpose to want to make it into the post season. Pessimism is no stranger here either. Hard to rally behind your team when they play like a split-personalitym one week stellar and the next in the cellar. Good luck in your run! Packers have a great shot at making it, and IF you do...I'll be pulling for you guys!!! But, gotta hope my Blue gets there !!!


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      On the other hand the last time we got into a funk like this with the season on the line was 2010.

      Having just collapsed in epic fashion against the Eagles, the Giants could still get in as a wildcard by beating the Packers in Lambeau.

      45-17 Packers.

      Packers go on to win Super Bowl, Giants miss the playoffs entirely.
      8-Time NFL Champions - 1927 1934 1938 1956 1986 1990 2007 2011

      "You win close games because you're prepared to do it. It doesn't just come down to luck." -- Bill Parcells


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        9-7 may not cut it for this season... too many teams at 8-6 already including the division and I can definitely see the Seahawks getting their 10th win with 2 home games left.