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For all those who question the talent on this team

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  • For all those who question the talent on this team

    Keep in mind where the giants finish every year. The reason why we dont have blue chips at every spot is due to the fact we dont have 4-12 seasons like other teams. I give tons of credit to Reese and company as they did the best with what they had to pick from.

    Picking from 21 st to 31st continuously hurts after a while. You really have to hit something so far back in the draft and I think Reese has.

    Maybe times are changing, maybe we could possibly be going another direction soon. like down and rebuild ??

    Eli is getting older some players like Tuck, Osi and others are on big decline. You never know with how are division is shaping up and how it is getting real good fast and with the coaching staff getting up there in years, things could be a changing.

    I hope we can re tool and not have to rebuild but wouldnt be too surprised if this is our course.