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Politi: Can Giants' Eli Manning Again Live Up To His Rep For Late-Season Heroics?

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  • Politi: Can Giants' Eli Manning Again Live Up To His Rep For Late-Season Heroics?

    Excerpt: "
    The preeminent sports magazine in the country just called Eli Manning “the best quarterback alive if you want to win a title” in its end-of-year issue — a statement that should make anyone with a pulse at least raise his eyebrows.

    But Manning is also the best quarterback alive if you want a bland answer to a question, and when presented with this statement in Sports Illustrated, he lived up to that reputation.

    “Yeah, I guess if they’re going to say something about you,” he said while standing at his locker Wednesday, “you’d rather that they say something nice. That’s always good.”

    But now Manning has to prove that it’s true again, starting in Baltimore on Sunday. He has those two Super Bowl titles and the MVP trophies to go along with them, including one last winter, so no level-headed Giants fan can shed too many tears if the quest for another one ends prematurely.
    Still: Isn’t this supposed to be his time of the year? Isn’t this when Manning transforms into something better than his numbers or his unsteady performances and turns the Giants into a championship team?" Read more...

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      Of course he can live up to his rep. Will he, is the question? But once again, media is allowing it to fall on his shoulders. Yes, I know when he doesn't perform well, the whole offense is usually stinking it up. But let's not give our D-line and secondary an easy pass. They need to play well too.
      Adversity makes for a worthy adversary.