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Every Week a New Injury Saga Report !!

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  • Every Week a New Injury Saga Report !!

    This week it is Snee, Bass and Tuck, Bradshaw.. Last week Prince, KP, Bradshaw.. Unbelievable.. I actually think with Snee and Bass out and BRadshaw will hurt us and I am not sure we can overcome any OL injuries this late in season as we all know it takes time for subs to gel with rest of line.

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    Tuck out may be a good thing, Gives someone else a reason to play hard. I agree the o-line has been terrible in every terrible game played this year. Bradshaw will never hurt this team other than he lacks home run speed. The biggest hurt of the team is KP out and coupled last week with Prince was proven to be the downfall. Them back makes all the difference for this defense. Who can shut out anyone when these guys play. So lets hope the offense puts up more than 0 this week and let Prince,KP and co do the rest.