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    Alright, so I live in Ravens land (actually going to the game Sunday), and compared to most games they really aren't getting up on their feet for this game.

    I also unfortunately have to watch their games, and there are a few things that would really help Big Blue Sunday (aside from the obvious no turnovers, pass rush, etc)

    1. Get a lead early. The Ravens just got a new OC in Jim Caldwell (Peytons old QB coach). Despite the clamoring for Ray Rice to get 30 touches a game, he actually went no huddle for a majority of the Broncos game. Flacco did not look confident or settled at all. I know getting a lead is extremely hard for the Giants, especially early on, but that would play right against what the Ravens want to do. Flacco is one of those Sanchez-esque guys where he gets shaky under pressure. Their OTs aren't good, if the Giants can get up by even a score (2 would be nice), its going to put a lot of pressure on an inconsistent OL.

    2. MARTELLUS FREAKING BENNETT. USE HIM. The Ravens LBs were not meant to cover tight ends, their young guy McClain is out, Ray Lewis is either not play or if he does, he is a liability in coverage. Bennett has been making plays recently when given the ball. If this forces Ed Reed to come down and cover him, it can open stuff vertically for Nicks/Cruz/Hixon against corners that are not good. Pollard may be out with a chest injury, which hurts them even more at safety.

    3. Special Teams. Jacoby Jones is one hell of a returner. The Giants cant let the Ravens get consistently good field position, as it obviously helps a struggling offense.


    5. For the Giants, there needs to be some more urgency on offense. Everytime they get in the huddle, it looks like half the players don't know the playcall. On top of that, it takes them 20 friggin seconds to get the actual play called, leaving Eli 7-9 seconds WITHOUT FAIL to get the ball snapped. This is giving pass rushers a huge advantage. It might not translate into sacks, but its clear the pressure is getting there and forcing Eli to make some bad throws. This is especially important on 3rd downs, moreso if Bradshaw doesnt play. I dont trust the other backs in pass protection, and I dont think Eli does either. Gotta get the play call in faster.

    The Raven's aren't a great team by any means. They've won some nice games, but generally if the other team comes out swinging, its hard for them to start swinging back without missing a few punches and getting knocked on their butts.

    That said, lets go Giants. I think they can win this game by 2 scores if they really want it. But, that has yet to be seen this season,.