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This team seems to have no clue how to contain guys

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  • This team seems to have no clue how to contain guys

    It seems that every time a HB or QB runs to the outside, we can't catch up to him and he always gets 8-9 yards. It's usually a case of bad tackling, or if it's an option team like WSH, not realizing what happened soon enough. Our guys also take bad angles to the balls. Our linebackers never seem to hit the LOS when they have a chance to. All too often I notice a DT chasing a speedy back to the outside and the LBs just stand back waiting. I love and support this team to death, but one thing that bugs me about them is their inability to solve problems.

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    you shoud have stopped your title at "This team has no clue".......
    "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
    You couldn't be more full of **** if you were break dancing in a Port-a-Potty.......Kruunch


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      Problem: LB's

      You expect Blackburn to chase someone on the sidelines? Lol I got a better chance of catching them. We need some LB's that can blow plays up and have good sideline to sideline speed. I look at the Daryl Washington's out there, the D'Qwell Jacksons, the Patrick Willis', the Sean Lee's, Von Miller, Aldon Smith, Lavonte gets me depressed.

      If we grabbed one of those impact guys in the first round of the draft, we'd finally have a chance at stopping those runs that gash us all the time and an actual leader for our D.


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        Seems like there may be too many LB substitutions. You think it could disrupt a defensive rhythm if there is such a thing. I was at the ATL game & I saw Paysinger & Rivers and then Kiwi & J-Will takin turns w/ Chase. I can't recall LT, Banks, Reasons & Pepper being subbed so liberally...


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          It's because the only consistency the Giants have at LB is Boley.

          J.Will has been hurt all season, Chase is kinda like Antoni Pierce, and everyone else is average.