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  • Please....Just Don't....

    Call any time outs because your too slow getting the play in....

    Be called for any delay penalties because your too slow in getting the play in...

    Shut down their running game only for them to effortlessly complete a third down passing play to a wide open receiver...

    Give up on offense when your reach their 30 yard mark and take the field goal...

    Complete our passes 3 yards shy of the first down, exactly what their defense are happy for you to do...

    Keep cutting to TC with his hands on his hips looking incredulous when the rest of the Giants fans are baying for TC to get in someones face (PF and KG to be clear )!

    Just Do....

    Keep up tempo, go no huddle, it seems to get the offense in rythm and keeps the defense off balance...

    Give their offense different looks and blitz with more than our front 4...

    Attack deep from outside the 30 seeing as we have so many problems inside the 30 yard line....

    I am as always rooting for the Giants to win...but please let me switch off with a feeling we played a great game and lost, rather than that we just didnt show up and were totally outcoached...

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    Just win.....that's all I care about.
    I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.


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      If Eli calls his own plays then there is no need to take a time out for not having the play ready or any delay calls.

      Let them run. Where are they gonna go? The endzone? pfft

      Field goals are our bread and butter.

      Passes 3 yds shy of the first down marker, that's another bread and butter.

      TC with his hands on his hips looking incredulous, he is zoned out. Can't give much help in that condition.

      Keep up tempo, no huddle, I believe they will eventually think of that.

      Just funning. I want this game so badly. We have to make it happen. I believe we will.


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        Originally posted by FBomb View Post
        Just win.....that's all I care about.
        That's all that matters
        sigpic"Remain in what you are, the center of your life
        You made it to this point no one can tell you how..." Gojira-Vacuity