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It's time to fire the whole staff

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  • It's time to fire the whole staff

    Let start with the gray haired troll - no imgaination same thing week in and week out. I do not believe Eli has the option to call plays off. The defense is in the trolls pants, head,etc. he is a complete fool. I don't want to hear that Eli likes this guy, he won't criticize sorry.

    Freewell is just as bad - the defense flat out sucks.

    TC - shame on you for keeping these two idiots around, they cost you your job. Although your contrl freak coaching techinques have worn out their welocme. Look beyon the SB wins and ask why. Not because of the troll - the ball was in Eli's hands because of the no huddle. The defense got lucky at the end of the game.

    Now I can read the comments from all the fools who believe this staff is so wonderful and its the players. You have to have a plan to play and you have to be able to make adjusments. The troll never has been able to and never will. The other idiot can't see webster is getting his *** kicked.