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What part of this is coaches fult?

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  • What part of this is coaches fult?

    Missed tackles, blown coverages, porous offensive line? Heart and will can not be taught, I've refrained from posting but this no guts performance is a disgrace! You lose it's part of the game , but you show effort , 09 all over again, whether they make the playoffs or not is not a oncern of mine,there's always next year, but show some heart and pride ! Is that too much to ask?

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    What do they practice? how are they getting Coached?

    indeed the players are to blame for execution, for tackling etc, but Likewise the Coaches have to be blamed for development and play calling/schemes

    with the injuries on the Line, Bradshaw, Nicks, if they don't have anyone who can replace them then the blame is on the Development and lack of development of players,


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      That would be true if games against the 9ers , packers weren't on tape this season, practice and coaching are not what come to play when things are going bad for you, the ravens have made one great plays, one handed catches and all, it takes mental toughness and a self pride which should get you back up for te next drive, this lackadaisical effort is all players. Coaches can only scream and instruct so much these are grown men, time to act as such!


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        Inconsistency and lack of motivation.
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          Coughlin has completely lost this team. they are on the sidelines laughing and smiling?


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            It's ridiculous, whatever they are lacking is more than practice can fix, look like 2nd rate players , just disgraceful.