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Feel like 2009 to anyone else?

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  • Feel like 2009 to anyone else?

    Pathetic down the stretch and absolutely murdered in the final game of the season, let's see what happens next week, eh?

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    The Bengals game, the Falcons game, and this game all feel like 2009, one game in particular that I'll never forget: the last game in the old stadium against the Panthers.

    I've seen a ton of teams get blown out and lose over the years, I've seen NE put up 50 points on TEN once and shut them out, I've seen teams get erased off the face of the planet. But I have never seen a team just completely lose all control and motivation with the same magnitude as our team. This is surreal.

    This team is inconsistent in every possible aspect. We either do great, or we do GOD AWFUL.


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      Nope, 2010. We get demoralized by the Eagles, claim to have a great week of prep against the Packers and proceed to get blown out.

      This year, demoralized by the Falcons, claim to have a meeting that "fires us up", and proceed to get blown out by the Ravens. Hopefully, we can kill the Eagles.
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        Yes...though in 2009 I still thought we had a playoff shot that year. Maybe the Super Bowl was really the last gasp for these guys.