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  • Fire the Coaching Staff?

    Its amazing how players will not show up and the coaching staff takes the blame. Its time for our so called "great" GM to start weeding out the quitters and trim the fat on this team. Hakeem Nicks had 0 catches today while Dez Bryant with a broken finger was dominant. Our top running back fails to recognize who to pick up in the blitz game. HOW IS THIS THE COACHING STAFF's FAULT! These guys are going through the motions. Why is it that this team is damn near over the cap and is fighting for a 9-7 record?

    There are soooo many holes on this roster that it doesnt make sense. People have been telling Reese that the Pass Rush was covering up glaring weaknesses at the linebacker and secondary position. Now that the Defensive Line has veterans past their prime, we did not get great production from them. Defensive Line, Linebacker and Cornerback are glaring weaknesses on this roster. Offensively this Offensive Line is a joke, our running backs are terrible in blocking ( and Bradshaw was never a great blocker, but got alot better since his rookie year), and thinking Martellus Bennett is something special is ridiculous. Eli Manning can not do it alone...He's getting pressured from areas that should be protected and his receivers are not coming through at all.
    " In Reese to Sign a Bust"

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    Time to rebuild. The players do not listen to the coaches, many players past their prime or not really that good.


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      When every player doesn't show up, and no one plays well... it's a pretty safe bet that coaching is a problem. How is it possible that all 52 players suddenly went from NFL caliber players to what we have watched the past few weeks? That doesn't happen, coaching deserves as much credit in the wins and losses as the players.
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