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Time for Reese to consider cuting overpaid high priced players

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  • Time for Reese to consider cuting overpaid high priced players

    Reese needs to considering cutting Webster, Tuck, Canty, Bass, Kiwi and Diehl. These guys are sucking up so much cap dollars.. Why on earth was Nicks, Bradshaw and Snee in the game they clearly where not physically capable to help the team today with their injuries. Very evident from get go. Man Bradshaw could not stop my Grandma from blitzing Eli !! I love the guy but he should have not been on field today. Wilson and Randle needed to be on field more..

    And was it me but Webster played like he was paid off by bookies for his poor performance.. I never saw a giant corner get so beat and embarrassed like he did. And why the heck did he not get safety help until they stopped throwing his way.. Embarrassing.. Thank goodness the Knocks where on and pulled out a close game at Garden it took my mind off the beat down we received. If we finish 8-8 record we can turn it around next year whch some retooling..

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    Reese will restructure these has-beens and overpriced free agent busts just to create this same situation year after year. Reese needs to find other way to bring some hungry talented players here.
    " In Reese to Sign a Bust"


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      I like Kiwi on the dline not as a LB Canty showed heart today I believe hes just hurt this season. Tuck is done Webster will get cut along with Boley. Bass cant get cut but he sure can get his contract restructed. DD is done he is just flat out horrible.


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        The smart thing would to just cut them all next season and get a clean slate