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Next week is HUGE!

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  • Next week is HUGE!

    #1, a loss ensures better draft slot.
    #2 a loss might prompt a lot of change (to the coordinators)
    #3 a loss means 3rd place and that cushy 3rd place schedule meaning we'd avoid the Saints and Seahawks/Niners, while getting Arizona/St Louis and Tampa/Carolina. Maybe then, and only then, we could avoid a 2nd half slump. Although with our luck, those 3rd place teams will be great and we'll get them all after week 8, along with road games in the division and the Packers and Bears. Also just dawned on me, we could be playing thanksgiving at Detroit next year... Would be typical for the league to put us in a no win situation, since Detroit will be better next yr.

    (Um, yes I'm already putting the giants on the clock.