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  • All of the above

    Alot of players will restrucure their contracts.
    Many players should be cut.
    We cant fix all of our problems with one year FA and draft.
    It may be time to strongly consider drafting for need of positions, not BPA.

    Coaching (OC and DC) are a major part of the problem.
    On offense:
    Why is it that we all see it, that the offensive play calling is so predictible yet nothing evers seems to get done to address this?
    Why is it that players cant get substituted in efficiently with enough time and we almost always get down to zero time on the clock b4 the snap?
    Why do we frequently waste time outs cuz the clock is about to expire?
    Why cant we consider playing a hurry up offense so the other team cant make substitutions and force them to waste a timeout and/or exploit personnel mismatches?

    On defense:
    Why cant we ever make appropriate adjustments during the game?
    Why are our schemes so predictible?

    We cant fix all of our problems with one year FA and draft.
    As I have said before:
    We need to draft a cover CB. Get rid of Webtser. We are thin at CB and this is one of our top needs.
    We need a play making quick MLB and OLB that can tackle, help stop the run and go into pass coverage.
    We need more depth on the DL, both DT and DE.
    We need OL, OL..
    We need a T and a G

    I wish we could get a new OC and DC but we know that will not happen.