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Giant players have quit on this season

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  • Giant players have quit on this season

    I can't explain it any other way, they have just quit.

    Now the next question is.... where to go from here? I think every player should be made to stand in front of the FO (one at a time) and account for their play as of late. They need to explain why they should be kept on the roster in the off season. They also need to explain what they perceive as the problem for the collapse this season. Nobody should be given a pass, especially the team captains.

    In the off season, the FO needs to evaluate the talent on the roster. Who is putting in the extra effort, playing dinged up, staying after practices to get better, ect... verses the guys who only play a half season at best; then are out for injury. We have too many habitualy injured players on the roster that (in my opion) mess with the chemistry of the team every season. Do we need a new strentght and conditioning coach?

    We need hold people accountable. Nothing about the team says Championship. We are below mediocre at every position with the exception of maybe the punter.

    After the players account for their poor performance, then the coaches need to do the same. Every coach needs to explain to the FO why they failed and what they perceive as the problem and solution. They need to answer the question, "why should we keep you on the staff after this season"? There needs to be some changes drastic changes made..... Coughlin has probably earned another season, but both of our coordinators should be on the hot seat.

    Our Offensive line needs a complete over haul. They can't pass block, run block, or even go an entire game without stupid penalties. It's hard for a QB and WR to find chemistry when there is not time for the routes to develop.

    Our superstar defensive linemen have turned into super duds. Maybe a few less Subway commercials and more time conditioning and training perhaps?

    Our WR's and QB hardly seem to be on the same page anymore? We need to know why.

    I know technically we are still in the playoff picture, but lets not fool ourselves, these guys quit playing mid season.