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Entitlement is the problem with this team and it starts with veterans

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  • Entitlement is the problem with this team and it starts with veterans

    The way I see it, that's the issue with this team.

    They start out strong, but then fade after 8 games because hey the season is over, when do the playoffs start? I have my superbowl rings, I don't need to "really" play until we are in the playoffs again. The NFL however is a 16 game season. That's why they play the games.

    Now combine entitled vets with the fact the vets know they don't have to worry about rookies taking their jobs (see strange Giants/Coughlin only rule which no other NFL team uses) and you have a midseason swoon. By that time, the message that Coughlin has been trying to preach all year is either tuned out by the players or has lost the impact it had at the start of the season.

    It's time for a youth movement my friends and it's time for Reese to send a message. Cut some high profile players who are underperforming and have been for years.

    The "age of entitlement" has to end on this team. It's time to get players who show heart and want to win football games. It's not about them and their contracts, it's about the privilege of being a NYG! #BigBlueforLife !!!

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    Yea its time for these high profile guys to go. When Tuck says that he's mentally fatigue that means he's not hungry anymore. The team always start out the gate well because they are hungry to start the season...then by the middle of the season they look like they are not feeling it anymore. When your team is looking forward to a bye week, that shows that they really need a "break" from football because they really do not want to be on the field. I never saw soo many excuses and players so happy about a bye week in week 10. This team is not hungry anymore and its time for the young guys Reese picked up to step up : Hakeem Nicks, Terrell Thomas, Linval Joseph, JPP, James Brewer, Marvin Austin...these are the names that should be making a big impact.
    " In Reese to Sign a Bust"


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      Terrell thomas? Lol