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  • My take on this game

    I'm getting flashbacks to 2010 right around the Green Bay game. Two games left, we had a chance to get in, and GB pooped on us. Anyways, I knew today was bad from the start. The opening drive resulted in nothing and we couldn't stop the Ravens offense. Poor tackling and incompetent coverage by Webster. Whenever they ran the ball our D-Lineman would fall down or Balt would run up the sidelines for 8 yards. One player who I noticed some decent play from however was big Linval. He actually got some penetration so Flacco didn't have 17 eternities to throw. I don't see why we keep putting Herzlich and Paysinger out there. Herzlich's story is great and I respect the hell out of him for his perseverance, but he just can't tackle. JPP didn't do horrible either. He made some stops against the run and had that nice hit on Flacco. Offensively, I got excited when Eli started connecting with the likes of Randle and Hixon early. When we spread the ball around to everyone, we seem to do our best. But the problem was today that Nicks and Cruz were shut down. That Chykie Brown guy seemed to be a good aggressive player at corner. And other than the Wilson TD we didn't accomplish much in the run game. I know we'll need help from other teams, but we'll got to play our hearts out against Philly, unlike we did today. I think our game got moved back to 1, at least that's what it has it at on the NFL 12 app. But I like it that way so we just focus on playing and not what other teams did before us.