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Reese needs to clean house this offseason

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  • Reese needs to clean house this offseason

    Can't say I was surprised about what happened today. I saw it coming all along. You can't ignore the decline of so many formerly key players on this team. In Reese's first year as GM, he cut a lot of the dead weight off the team (Petitgout, Arrington, etc.) and wanted to get younger and healthier. I think he already has a similar plan in place after this debacle. Here are the players I want to see cut from this team.

    Diehl- pretty obvious.
    Tuck- thanks for the contributions over the years but you are done.
    Webster- similar to Tuck. Thank you for your services but you are done.
    Bradshaw- always injured and no longer the same player.
    Bass- again...always seems to be injured and is overpaid.
    Boley- fell off a cliff

    I would also consider cutting Snee since he has massively declined the past couple of years but Coughlin would never cut him since he's family. Also though about cutting Canty but we are painfully thin at DT and he might have been set back by the injury he has this year. Of course I would let Osi walk. I think Phillips will leave and he has a shaky knee anyway. I would also not resign Blackburn...good story but he sucks.

    Of course I would also like to see Perry Fewell fired but I can't see Coughlin giving up on him. He seems to place all of the blame on execution. Same with Gilbride, he would never be fired as long as Coughlin is the coach.

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    Finally you're "bad feelings" have come to fruition. Congratulations!