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Many Problems, Simple Solutions.

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  • Many Problems, Simple Solutions.

    There are too many problems with this team to list, but it all starts with the coaching staff. Coughlin does not motivate the team to play well, Gilbride is HORRIBLE, and Fewell is clueless. Axe them all and start fresh. This is just a sad excuse for a defending super bowl champion team.

    The next step is to trim the fat around here. Canty buh-bye, same to you Webster, Baas, Rolle, Tuck, and Diehl. This will create some HUGE cap space and allow us to obtain players that are actually worth their salary.

    With this cap space, sign:
    -Henry Melton DT Bears
    -Jairus Bryd S Bills
    -Michael Johnson DE Bengals
    -Derek Cox CB Jaguars


    Out with the old lazy players, in with the young hungry ones.

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    As much as you moan and whine, I don't see them axing Coughlin. So your simple solutions sounds like a bad infomercial on channel 700.
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