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    I don't care if Coughlin and Gilbride have won 2 Super Bowls, it's time for this coaching staff to be terminated. You can't keep starting 6-2 and then slump it to the end of the season and barely sneak in or miss the playoffs EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Other than last year, 2009, 2010 and no doubt 2012 will be missed playoffs for the Giants again. The players don't want to play for Coughlin or the rest of the coaching staff apparently and I don't blame them.

    Gilbride makes NO ADJUSTMENTS to his teams issues, his system requires that the offensive line MUST BLOCK and they DON'T! There's no 5 yard passes, there's no screens to Wilson (whom gets benched almost every game for stupid reasons), the infamous Shot Gun Draw and of course OMAHA, OMAHA! Everything is 10 yards or more, even in 3rd and 3 situations. He is predictable which is why defenses can figure us out quickly. There's a reason he's been fired from the Oilers, Jaguars, Chargers and Steelers pretty quick....HE SUCKS.

    Fewell surprised me with some blitzes today, but because he doesn't get in Corey Webster's face and tell him to COVER HIS MAN, he abandons it and goes to rush 4, drop 7 quick. I see no emphasis on tackling, on getting pressure up the middle, on covering your man. There's no creative schemes to design a blitz or make the offense think that we will blitz. There's no substitution, which I thought we were known for, but I guess not anymore. Fewell is a worthless coach, period.

    And it all goes back to Coughlin. He sticks with these morons blindly and apparently can't get his players motivated, not that they shouldn't, but that is beside the point. He wants the old school style of football. Here's a clue, we don't have the players for that system now! When we continue to show a lack of heart and consistant play as we have not only this season, but in seasons past, the 2 Super Bowl excuse is not enough to have him keep his job. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and I've been duped again.

    As for players, Webster...GONE. He can't cover, tackle, read or play period. Justin Tuck has no heart left, he wanted to retire last season, he should have. Osi over runs his player EVERY TIME, but at this rate, he's better than Tuck. Get a linebacker like we could have had with Vantaze Burfict who's with the Bengals tearing it up. We have talent, but the coaching is simply not doing it justice.

    And if you want my idea for a new Head Coach, here's a few in mind that would work

    1. Jon Gruden (Chuckie, need I say more?)
    2. Tom Clements (OC of the Green Bay Packers)
    3. Bo Pelini (Head Coach of Nebraska)
    4. David Shaw (Head Coach of Stanford, has NFL experience as an assistant)
    5 .Mike McCoy (Broncos OC)
    6. Bill Cowher (dark horse)
    7. Bruce Arians (Interim Head Coach of the Colts)

    And if Coughlin stays and Gilbride is fired, you can put those guys in at Offensive Coordinator.

    I'm sure I'm going to get blasted for saying all of this, but if you REALLY want to keep having seasons like this every year, then be my guest.